Eye Without A Face: Review

Eye Without A Face

Henry (Dakota Shapiro) is lonely and struggles with anxiety issues brought on by childhood trauma from an abusive father. His roommate, Eric (Luke Cook) couldn’t be more different though as he’s a minor social media star and everything is about people seeing him doing amazing things. Henry also has a secret – he hacks into people’s webcams and watches them go about their lives and enjoys the comfort of watching their stories unfold when he feels like he shouldn’t exist.

Then one day while Henry is watching Laura (Vlada Verevko), one of his favourite people, he realises that she’s drugged and murdered her date. Shocked and having no idea what to do, Henry and Eric start to devise a plan to bring Laura to justice despite only have partially knowing where she lives. However, when Laura finds out, she vows to track down Henry and take her revenge.

Eye Without a Face is a familiar story brought up to date for the modern age and does so surprisingly well, with a great script, likeable characters and a thrilling plot. The idea to update Rear Window and to put it on a computer screen is a great idea and is done so easily that it’s hard to believe that nobody had ever done it before.

Shapiro and Cook also have a great chemistry and both play their parts well. The former displays a nervous, anxiety ridden character and the latter is so obnoxious and self-absorbed that it feels like it shouldn’t work. Yet the pair are good on screen and the audience will believe in their unlikely friendship.

However, there are some issues that revolve around the plot and the ending. As with Rear Window, there has to be a certain suspension of disbelief and as with the original, the events of the film have to happen in front of the protagonist. This is where it falls down slightly because once Laura knows Henry is watching then she can easily make him stop.

Also, unfortunately there’s a twist ending that while it fits with the rest of the film and is cleverly surprising, it does also fall back onto a lazy trope from one of Hitchcock’s other films.

Eye Without a Face is well told, ambitious and daring to take on such a familiar story, it’s just a shame that by trying to doing something so different that it falls in its final moments.

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