The Best Movie Based Video Slots

The Best Movie Based Video Slots

The Best Movie Based Video Slots

It goes without saying that video slots and movies are the perfect partners. Both are designed to give people a high level of excitement and engagement. With the action on the screen requiring something special to keep the attention of the public due to the high level of competition out there, it’s not a shock that some of the best slots around are based on classic movies. 

We’ve taken a look at some of the best movie based video slots on the market at the moment to bring you our list of the top titles out at the moment. Take a look through our selection of video slots to help you find the right movie based video slot to start playing. 


Ted was a surprise hit of a movie when it was released. Featuring the brains behind Family Guy, it’s no shock that the movie was full of crude humour and had some of the most side splitting moments ever committed to film. The release of a Ted slot was a little bit of a shock in some quarters. With the adult based humour that’s on show many felt that it wouldn’t translate to the slightly more serious world of video slots. 

They were wrong. The Ted game is everything that you might expect from the character, with plenty of hilarious moments included as you play. However, this isn’t all the game has to offer. Underneath the fantastic movie tie-in is an incredible game. Ted is a Megaways game, which means that it offers the potential for a huge number of different paylines to be used. It backs this up with a frankly incredible maximum win of up to 50,000 times the player stake. Great features, great humour and a great chance for big wins make the Ted game one of the top movie slots out there. 


Halloween is without a doubt one of the most iconic horror movies of all time. The character of Michael Myers scared a whole generation of teenagers and adults alike. This is another surprising slot release with something as legitimately scary as Halloween expected to not make a smooth transition to a video slot. Just like Ted, it shocked everyone. This is a video slot that manages to keep the atmosphere of the movie and create a great video slot at the same time. 

It features images and sounds that come right from the movie. This instantly puts players into the mood of the game. It backs this up with some amazing features and the ability to win 500 times your stake on each spin. The free spins feature allows this to be won on every spin so the total payouts can soon be stacked up. Halloween is one of the few horror movie slots out there that manages to capture the atmosphere and feeling of the original perfectly. If you love the movie then you will love this slot. 

Jurassic Park

Who can forget the original Jurassic Park movie? It broke new ground in the cinema world with some of the best effects of all time, many of which still hold up to this day. When it was released it changed the way many people saw movies and it helped to bring in the idea of blockbuster movies being released every year. It’s also spawned a franchise of movies that have continued for more than 20 years. It goes without saying that Jurassic Park is a name that almost everyone is familiar with. 

That’s why it was no shock that a Jurassic Park slot was released. The title uses a lot of material from the first movie, which is a very sensible tactic as most players who are able to play video slots will be most familiar with the classic version of the franchise. It uses a 243 ways to play game mechanic, which makes sure that every single spin has 243 different chances to create a winning line. Just like the movie the T-Rex is at the centre of everything. Whenever it lands on the reels there is a very good chance of creating a win. This means that unlike the movie, the T-Rex appearing is a good thing. Other than that, this is an extremely faithful slot title.


Scarface is iconic. There’s no other way to describe it. While it didn’t launch Al Pacino’s acting career it’s certainly one of the roles that he is most well known for. The movie was controversial when it was released due to the many graphic elements that were portrayed. Despite this, it’s grown to be almost universally loved.

The slot release managed to capture the aesthetic of the movie perfectly. While it can’t portray the movie perfectly faithfully for obvious reasons, it has still captured a lot of what made this such a great movie. If you’re able to trigger the bonus round then you will be taken to the ending of the movie, which is a huge amount of fun. This is a great slot for anyone who enjoyed the movie.

More to follow?

According to these kind of movie slots will become more popular in the future. A lot of movie rights are being sold to for example McDonalds for their happy meals and now also to online slot companies. If you sign up to an online casino they will definitely have you informed when they launch new slots.

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