Too Late: Review

Too Late

Violet Fields (Alyssa Limperis) is an assistant to world renowned stand-up comedian, Bob Devore (Ron Lynch) who runs a late-night variety show called Too Late. Like many people stuck in menial jobs, Violet is sick of her life, sick of her boss and is starting to think that her love life will never be the same again.

Then she meets Jimmy Rhodes (Will Weldon), an up-and-coming comedian with a lot of talent and after they hit it off, Violet starts to realise that Jimmy’s life is in danger. That’s because there’s a very good reason why Bob Devore has lasted for so long in the industry, he gets Violet to bring him any talent that she finds so that Bob can devour them – literally.

Too Late is a horror comedy and feature debut of D. W. Thomas, with a script written by Tom Becker. Set in the world of talent with a particular focus on stand-up comedy, Too Late knows all too well what kind of a world it is where in order to succeed you either have to be the eater or get eaten.

Although Too Late wears this analogy proudly, it seems that there was a choice to let it run from the start until it got old, or wait a little too long for its premise to kick in while setting things up. Unfortunately, it chose to do the latter, so for those expecting a laugh a minute horror thriller, they may be disappointed.

There are moments that could keep the audience interested, including cameos from people such as Mary Lynn Rajskub and Fred Arminsen. However, these are fleeting and they have to be invested in Violet’s life and her pursuit of love so this takes up the bulk of the movie.

Although it could be said that it’s worth the wait as the final act is full of moments of body horror, practical effects and enough jokes for audiences to realise what where its all been going.

The problem is that despite its original premise and good performances, it all feels like it’s too little, too late.

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