The 100 Candles Game: Review

The 100 Candles Game

The 100 Candles Game: Review – A group of friends come to an old house to play a game. They light one hundred candles and put them in a circle and step inside. From that moment onwards they must tell a horror story for each of the candles so that they can all go out.

During their time in the house, they tell their tales, however as they explore the house further, they find that the house is holding even more sinister secrets than they could have possibly imagined.

The 100 Candles Game is a horror anthology movie within the framing of a premise for a horror movie all of its own. The problem is that although the premise for the movie does set the scene quite suitably, most of the horror stories that they tell feel unfinished and like they should be part of separate horror movies by themselves.

The first tale is rather short but witty, however by the time of the exorcism story it feels like the production value has increased greatly. Although even in that tale the story does feel rather predictable, even if the audience may want more.

Another problem is that all of the stories as well as feeling unfinished also aren’t all that original. This mean they may be riffing off of other horror movies as a loving homage, but ultimately most of the stories come across as lazy and a little originality in the stories and the monsters may have done it some good.

The cast are all well suited, from the group of young people forced to tell these stories in supernatural circumstances to the many different cast members within these stories. However, aside from the exorcism story that manages to have a beginning, a middle and the end, the rest all feel like they’re examples of a director’s work to show they can create an atmosphere.

A bit of variety would have been good and although most of the stories stem from urban legends and folklore, it’s nothing the audience wouldn’t have seen before. 100 Candles will probably spawn some good stories if fleshed out further, but as it is now the audience may have preferred something more unique.

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