The 10 Best Blockbuster Movies with Depressing Plots

The Notebook

The 10 Best Blockbuster Movies with Depressing Plots 

Watching movies can be a lot of fun. There’s excitement, drama, suspense, and even romance or comedy to see. But some of the most popular blockbuster films feature sad plots with depressing outcomes. Interestingly, though, many modern psychologists actually claim that watching sad movies is good for your health.

Why are sad movies good for mental health? 

Hollywood movies paint a picture of a fictional scenario or embellish the details of a realistic one. The viewer then empathizes with the characters in the plot, thereby experiencing the same emotions right alongside them. The same thing happens when you watch happy or uplifting films. 

Like living vicariously through the characters, viewers can process their own depressed emotions without having to play out options in real life. On the contrary, films that are too sad may trigger certain mental health conditions. So, find out if you have an underlying issue or to seek the appropriate treatment, visit  

What are the 10 best blockbuster movies with depressing plots? 

When you need something to cry about, these 10 sad blockbuster movies will give it to you:

#1. The Pursuit of Happyness 

Will Smith plays a single father who struggles to make ends meet with his young son in tow. His misadventures include homelessness and several strings of bad luck until his unfathomable work ethic changed his life forever. Best of all, it’s based on a true story. 

#2. My Girl 

This classic movie never gets old and remains one of the saddest plots of all time. It stars Macauley Culkin and Ana Chlumsky as two precocious best friends on the brink of adulthood, stopped dead in their tracks by an unexpected death. Most of the movie takes place inside a funeral home too. 

#3. Stepmom 

In this plot, Susan Surandon and Julia Roberts quarrel as their families blend together after a nasty divorce. You see two mothers fight for the love of their children and suffer great heartaches as a result. This one is different, though, because it actually has a happy ending to enjoy. 

#4. Marley and Me 

You’ll ugly cry when you watch this movie about a lovable family pet named Marley. His unconditional love and hilarious antics teach Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson how to express their emotions in healthy ways, but no without plenty of tears and turmoil along the way. 

#5. The Notebook 

Follow the life of two lovers as they experience the ups and downs of falling in love. Then, bawl your eyes out as you discover that the entire story was just a memory. Watch as Alzheimer’s tries to steal their love and then observe how they die together in bed at the end. 

#6. Up 

This animated movie was an instant success just because of it’s opening scene. The elderly wife passes away, and the old man gets bitter. But a whimsical, troublesome child brings joy back into his life in the most unexpected ways. You’ll laugh, cringe, and cry all the way to the final scene. 

#7. Legends of the Fall 

Young Brad Pitt stars in this raw film about a man who’s incredibly unlucky in love and life. The plot twists and turns with loads of heartbreaking surprises, including his wife being killed in his arms over a petty squabble. And in one scene, the star holds his brother’s bloody heart in his hands.  

#8. Steel Magnolias 

If you don’t cry while watching this movie, you probably weren’t paying attention. It stars Julia Roberts, Dolly Parton, and complete cast of stars who weave an intricate story of love and loss in the deep south. At one point, Julia’s character died unexpectedly after just giving birth to her first baby. 

#9. Seven Pounds 

As one of the most controversial movies ever done by Will Smith, this one involves a man who gives up various parts of his body to help those in need. However, as the star falls in love and begins sharing his story, you see that there’s a sinister purpose behind his apparent acts of kindness. 

#10. A Star Is Born 

When Jackson and Ally fall in love, all is well. But after being coaxed into the spotlight, Ally’s career takes off and it breaks down the once passionate relationship they had. Meanwhile, Jackson fights his demons privately and the whole ship comes crashing to a halt in the end. 

Truth be told, there are thousands of sad, depressing movies that you could watch. Just be careful not to overindulge because it could have a negative effect on your mental and/or emotional health. So, seek professional help if you start to experience mood swings or bouts of depression that won’t go away (even if you process with the saddest movie on Earth). 

The takeaway 

Anyone can enjoy a good movie plot, especially if the storyline makes you feel certain emotions or think certain thoughts. But since some movies are so good, it’s important to monitor your mental health before, during, and after the show. 

The 10 Best Blockbuster Movies with Depressing Plots 

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