Psycho Goreman: Review

Mimi (Nita-Josee Hanna) and Luke (Owen Myre) are as close as any brother and sister could be and they love spending time together. Then one day they unearth something in their back garden that’s glowing and it could be extra-terrestrial, so naturally Mimi picks it up and puts it in her pocket.

Little do they know, but they’ve unleashed an evil monster hell bent on destroying the universe. The only problem is that since Mimi has the alien gemstone that the monster needs, he’s now under the control of a little girl who’s looking to cause a little destruction and mayhem herself.

Psycho Goreman is a horror movie written and directed by Steven Kostanski which is a loving homage to horror and science fiction the likes of which haven’t been seen since the Nineties. Having a background in special makeup effects, Kostanski has handpicked some of the best designs which take people of a certain age (like me) right back to their childhoods.

Evoking everything from Power Rangers, Wishmaster and many more, the visual style of the creature designs are absolutely perfect and the script is hilarious. Knowingly bringing a more adult theme to the vaguely familiar story, Psycho Goreman subverts all the cliches of the films Generation Y grew up with while also giving its audience exactly what they want.

The cast are all great, but the scene stealer is clearly Nita-Josee Hanna as a little girl drunk on power and puts in an impressive debut performance with the comedy timing and delivery of somebody three times her age. The relationship between all the family members is particularly funny as well, somewhat reminiscent of Rick and Morty, but with its own spin and laugh out loud one-liners.

However, being a nostalgic look back at a time where they just don’t make films like this anymore, Pyscho Goreman can feel a little overstuffed at times and although it’s nice to see all the things that Kostanski and his team can do, the final act felt a bit long.

Saying that though, for those looking for a kind of film they kind of misremembered from when they were kids, then Psycho Goreman may unlock some fond memories.

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