Hoodman: Review

Ariana Chandler (Madison Spear) has recently lost her husband and is left to look after their six-month-old son. Unfortunately, when Ariana gets involved in a car crash, the police tell her that her son died in the crash. However, Ariana believes that just before the crash occurred, a hooded man appeared in front of the car and that in fact her son is still alive and was taken by the hooded man.

Ariana goes back to her parent’s house to stay while she tries to pick up the pieces of her life once again, but when she starts dreaming about the hooded man and having visions of him, she starts to believe that her sister, Missy (Skye Roberts) may be in danger.

The only person that believes Ariana is Frank Hackman (Jack James) who has been investigating the disappearances of children all over the world after his daughter went missing and he believes that Hoodman is responsible.

There’s also Detective Lenny Briggs (Brock Morse) a rather insensitive detective who’s trying to ensure that Ariana forgets the nonsense of the urban legend of Hoodman so that she can move on with her life.

Hoodman is a supernatural horror written and directed by Mark W. Curran which takes inspiration from other films that have inspired urban legends and tries to create a new one. The problem is that Hoodman as a character isn’t well enough thought out, so the lore of the character is never really fully explained.

For most of the movie, the audience is told that Hoodman takes children and that’s just about it. However, it seems that everybody Ariana meets seems to know the legend and some are very afraid. There’s also an aspect that runs through most of the movie where Ariana is plagued by dreams and visions although Hoodman is said to only take children. Although this is eventually explained, a lot of the audience may consider it to be a plot hole, because there seems to be no reason as to why Ariana is in direct danger.

The movie isn’t of the highest budget and the cast do their best with a bad script, but even then, the acting isn’t all that great either. Maybe a horror movie to watch just to tick off the list of failed villains.

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