Antidote: Review


Sharyn Berkley (Ashlynn Yennie) lives with her daughter and her husband in the bliss of a loving family. Then one day she experiences stomach pains and is rushed to hospital. The doctor tells her that she has appendicitis and should have surgery immediately.

However, when Sharyn wakes up, she finds herself cuffed to a bed in a part of the hospital that feels isolated and unfamiliar. While there she meets a couple of the patients, Cassandra (Augie Duke) and Rizzo (Christopher Vasilopoulos) and starts to realise that this section of the hospital, or wherever she is, is experimenting on its patients.

The person in charge, Dr. Aaron Hellenbach (Louis Mandylor), is the only person that seems to know what’s going on, but Sharyn is becoming desperate and needs to find a way out before it’s too late.

Antidote is a psychological horror directed by Peter Daskaloff and co-written by Matthew Toronto. It follows an all too familiar setting where a woman finds herself captured with no way to escape and director Daskaloff creates a suitably sinister setting with a good cast and a menacing villain. However, Antidote is a little more than the usual torture porn setting as it goes into Sharyn’s past and fleshes out her life as she looks back at the things she’s done and the regrets she has.

Fleshing out the protagonist as well as the people she meets, Daskaloff’s story sets it apart from other horror movies as it does just enough to distract its audience when it counts. So, while the audience are taken in by Sharyn’s flashbacks to her past, there’s little time to be thinking about what’s really going on.

All the cast do a great job, in particular Ashlynn Yennie who manages to convey many aspects of Sharyn’s life convincingly, showing a good range. There are a few twists along the way and unless you’re really paying attention then you’ll be kicking yourself that you didn’t get it before they’re revealed. Antidote is a healthy dose of horror that makes you think as well as makes you care about its characters.

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