Yard Kings: Review

Yard Kings: Review

Yard Kings: Review. By Julius Tabel.

This short film is about a young girl who lives with her mother and her boyfriend, who seems to abuse her, in a trailer park next to a junkyard. As she flees from the troubles at home, she found a friend, a young boy, who lives alone in decrepit trailer and plays around on the junkyard.

As uninteresting as this all may sound, I see “Yard Kings” as a small love letter for the beautiful mind of children, although the striking and convincing expressions miss. It ́s a short film, so there is not much of a big story to be told, but yet “Yard Kings” thematizes many things such as poverty, abusive boyfriends, childhood, appreciating the little things and on how little a friendship can be built. I think that the more you think about all these things, the better will the film stay in your mind.

The music was the best part of the film. It fits to the subject because of its childish and inspiring sound. Sometimes, it makes you feel like you can see into the mind of this little girl. In this world, that doesn ́t seem to expand the territory of a junkyard, with very dry colors, beauty and satisfaction can be built out of almost nothing.

The fact that these two children and good friends, that just wander around the junkyard and collect trash to play with, were able to build a better home than the girl ́s mother depicts that simplicity is sometimes the true key for happiness. There is no education, and no knowledge of the world, but they are their own “Yard Kings”. This is what makes this short film so charming.

Nevertheless, it ́s just a sweet short film. If you are a mother and have a little child, maybe this helps you a bit to appreciate this child because of the specialties that it builds up on its own. And even besides, “Yard Kings” is an appreciation of the little things. Maybe, that shows that everybody should appreciate this little, short film. It ́s not much, that ́s for sure, but it ́s still charming.

All in all, I think that the 15 minutes of runtime are definitely worth watching. As I explained, this film won ́t change your view on anything besides a bit of appreciation, but its atmosphere is truly wonderful and may make your day.

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