The Best Poker Movies Of All Time

The Best Poker Movies Of All Time

The Best Poker Movies Of All Time – Poker is often used in movies to portray a gambling scene. Poker movies don’t just showcase a movie storyline but add more meaning to it. Poker in movies explains a lot about the game, as well as how it affects people who play it. Poker is a game that has to deal with people making decisions as they play. It can even escalate to people using strategies and tricks like bluffing.

Poker is a game where every decision affects the whole gameplay. There are different types of poker games. However, only a few are always played in Canadian casinos. Poker is not only popular in Canada but also in other countries.

Here’s a list of movies related to poker:

  1. Rounders (1998)

Rounders 1998 contains the all in the poker movies. The movie has a lot of facts related to gambling poker in real-life casinos in Canada. Mike McDermott in Rounders played an exceptional part as a poker player. In the movie, he was the best. Just like everyone plays on reputable online casinos like to win. Mike McDermott doesn’t want to miss the opportunity of being the best because that will lead to losing. Rocky struggles to reach the top to avoid losing ever again.

With a beautiful storyline from a movie like Rounders 1998, any gambler won’t want to miss the opportunity of taking a peek at this show. Rounder scenes and gambling plots connect with gamblers in a way that they would want to be the best.

  1. Molly’s Game (2017)

Molly’s Game is a professional movie about poker. The movie is about Molly Bloom who was aspiring to be an Olympic skier until her legs were damaged by an accident. At that point, Molly has no idea how to proceed with life. But what she knows is that she needs to make money. So, she starts off by organizing high-stakes poker games. Taking a look at Molly’s action, even though life decides to let her down. She insists on not giving up by rebuilding herself with another alternative.

  1. The Grand (2007)

The Grand (2007) is one of the iconic poker movies. The storyline involves several players participating in a poker tournament where the winner takes it all. The movie is very intense and every player struggles to be the winner. Even the setup and movie arrangement are amazing. They portrayed the movie in a way that you would feel like you’re watching players playing in a grand casino in Canada. With this setup, there’s no reason why you should want to miss watching The Grand (2007).

  1. Mississippi Grind (2015)

The Mississippi Grind went viral after its release in 2015. The storyline is unlike anything we have seen in the past movies relating to poker. The storyline is about Gerry who’s always on a losing streak until he meets Curtis. Everything changed when Curtis, who’s a traveling gambler, became friends with Gerry. In the movie, Gerry was an investor who travels around the country. Being one of the reasons why Gerry sticks around with him aside from friendship. The whole movie concept is very engaging and interesting, as it portrays poker gambling.

  1. Poker King (2009)

According to the view of Daniel Bennet, as an expert in guest post topics, the Poker King movie is extremely amazing and popular among other famous movie poker players. The movie is about a poker player who will lose his inheritance if he doesn’t prove he’s mature enough to run his father’s company.


Poker is a wonderful game that any Canadian gambler wouldn’t want to ignore playing throughout their career, as a seasoned gambler.  Moreover, poker movies have contributed a lot in sharing basic facts about casino poker games in Canada.

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