Mulholland Drive: Classic Review

Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive: Classic Review. By Julius Tabel.

Without a doubt, this is David Lynch ́s masterpiece. He takes you into a familiar seeming world that is actually a dreamworld, he blows your mind, and he still manages to create beauty and emotionality within this mystery. It ́s obviously Lynch ́s most relatable surrealistic film which is why it is so thought-provoking and nerve-wracking.

“Mulholland Drive” is probably Lynch ́s most detailed mystery. The advantage here is that you just have to pay a lot of attention, which is easier said than done, but while there ́s still endless space for specific interpretations, understanding the mystery is already enough. “Lost Highway” is entirely based on the viewer ́s interpretation, for example. Of course,whoever says that he/she understands “Mulholland Drive” upon first watching is a liar. This was my 4th watching and there are still so many confusing moments. You could watch a 20- minute-long explanation video, but I guarantee that every rewatch will be another wonderful experience. This film is full of surprises that are yet to be discovered, and you will learn more and more with every second. Especially lines like “Now I am in this dream-place” and “It must be strange calling yourself” will have a very different meaning if you think about it. That ́s the gold mine behind “Mulholland Drive”.

Furthermore, Lynch doesn ́t just confuse the viewer with mystery, he presents beauty in it. No matter how confusing the theatre play in Club Silencio may be, the song afterwards in Spanish is one of the most beautiful moments in film history. It perfectly fits Rita ́s and Betty ́s love story, and it is so beautiful that it is almost unbelievable. Well, it is unbelievable because it is not happening.

Additionally, Lynch ́s direction is out of this world. He creates suspense and fear on every corner and decides when the viewer should be scared or feel comfortable. One of the best jumpscares of all time, for sure, is the monster behind the Winkie ́s diner. Lynch creates the sound effects by himself because he knows so well what he wants to see on the screen at the end. After that scene freaked you out of your life, you will never be able to sit calmly in you seat anymore when the camera turns around a corner. This suspenseful camerawork makes even the most meaningless scenes intense and very interesting. That ́s why “Mulholland Drive” never loses my interest in the confusing first half an hour of the film thatis not connected in between.

For a fool dreaming about Hollywood like I am, Lynch creates the perfect myth. Sure, we are presented a naïve and easy version, but nevertheless, Lynch takes me to an actual set. He is very authentic in presenting a convincing portrayal of a dreamworld.

Considering the myth of Hollywood, there is no better actress for the main role than Naomi Watts. She auditioned around desperately in Hollywood for a decade until she met the sympathetic David Lynch. Personally, this is one of my favorite performances of all time. I will always remember thinking that her acting was too made-up and unconvincing halfway through my first watching until I later noticed that that ́s actually part of the film ́s illusion. The contrast between portraying a naïve character and a highly guilty is miles long, but Watts nailed both parts leading me into thinking that I saw two different actresses at first.

All in all, “Mulholland Drive” isn ́t just another Lynch film. It ́s authentic, it ́s a dreamworld, it ́s hilarious, it ́s emotional, and it will still blow your mind. It ́s confusing, but you have endless possibilities when interpreting it. Lynch is a genius of cinema, I won ́t ever doubt that, but “Mulholland Drive” is the ultimately argument in convincing any cinema doubter and in convincing me that I am officially crazy.

This film for sure changed the way I watch movies, and it is a very big inspiration.

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