At Night Comes Wolves: Review

Leah (Gabi Alves) does everything she can to please her husband, Daniel (Jacob Allen Weldy). She makes sure they have a well-kept home, she cooks and even dresses up for him on his birthday – but it’s still not enough.

After a night of passion, Leah finds Daniel unexpectedly unsatisfied with their night and when she finds out what’s wrong, she’s horrified. She still does the best that she can to please him, but realising that it may never be enough and that Daniel treats her like an object, she leaves.

On the road, she stops at a diner and meets Mary May (Sarah Serio), a persuasive woman who Leah feels a close connection to even though they’ve only just met. After a while, Mary May convinces Leah to meet Davey (Vladimir Noel) who can tell her more about what they do.

Leah starts talking about her situation and Daniel and when she starts talking about the stranger aspects of Daniel’s behaviour, it strikes a chord in Mary May and Davey, thinking that they may have met him before. Promising Leah great things and the ability to change the world, they set out to find Daniel and put things right.

At Night Comes Wolves is a horror thriller directed by Tj Marine in his feature directorial debut. Billed as an anti-misogynist horror, At Night Comes Wolves starts out as what the audience may believe to be a straightforward revenge film.

However, as the plot continues it seems that there are stranger things going on and unfortunately this also means that the plot is a little muddled as it tries to do multiple things. The problem is that it never focuses on one thing for too long.

The cast all do a great job and Alves in particular gives a great performance, but it’s unfortunate that the story changes and goes in different directions so quickly. In fact, the way that Leah, Mary May and Davey deal with Daniel make it unclear to the audience who the villains really are. By the end, At Night Comes Wolves may be an ambitious project, but one that feels like it wants to do something else.

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