Nicholas Jarecki: Crisis Interview

Nicholas Jarecki interview

I was lucky to have a sit-down with writer/director Nicholas Jarecki. Jarecki broke out into the mainstream with his 2012 film Arbitrage, which became one of the few titles to enjoy a mutually-successful theatrical/VOD release. After a lengthy break, Jarecki is back on the big-screen with Crisis, a film that takes a deep-dive into the ongoing opioid epidemic.

Jarecki and I discussed his latest film, the evolving changes occurring in the industry today, and even the current state of film criticism. Check out the interview, along with a few excerpts from my review of Crisis earlier last month.

“In the vein of ambitious social dramas like Disconnected and Crash, Crisis orchestrates three distinct arcs to ruminate on the cynical beasts behind the evolving drug epidemic. This Hollywood-ized depiction boasts a few limitations, but Jarecki exhibits prowess operating in the confines of your standard-issue dramatic thriller.

As a craftsman, Jarecki continues to operate with self-assured poise behind the camera. He presses all the right buttons to elicit tense discomfort, skillfully blending Raphael Reed’s pulsating score with Nicolas Bolduc’s thoughtful visual pallet (the usage of neon lighting in dimly-lit areas sets a fittingly grimy aesthetic). Jarecki also displays a tactful touch when it comes to heavier dramatic frames. His reserved presentation allows the actor’s emotive portrayals to take center stage without utilizing tacky gimmicks. In a climate where grounded adult thrillers rarely receive the time of day, it’s nice to see the writer/director repurposing familiar genre devices within his contemporary subject matter.

Crisis doesn’t break new ground with its timely subject matter, but credit to Jarecki for still spinning an engaging yarn for audiences to invest in. I hope we see him back on the screen sooner than last time, as he’s a promising voice with a confident hold on potentially-combustible issues.”

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