Necropath: Review


Scag (Moe Issac) is a junkie looking to get his kicks any way that he can. Alongside his drug addiction he has no qualms about randomly killing people either, so Necropath follows him on his journey across town just as a zombie virus is taking over the population.

Along the way he meets many characters including a father of business (Nathan Faudree), a lost girl (Lillian Colvin) who’s looking after her sister’s baby and even encounters a mother (Brandy Cihocki) who has recently succumbed to the zombie outbreak.

The problem is that Necropath is a horror movie with a unique perspective and when you realise that writer/director Joshua Reale has been involved with real life haunted house experiences, it may dawn on you as to why Necropath doesn’t work as a movie.

The haunted house experience is reliant on a lot of things. Firstly, it needs an audience who are willing to be scared and want to go there in order to laugh and be frightened by the imaginative setting that puts real actors in there with you. Unfortunately, when watching a horror movie most of the audience will be expecting a fright or two, but most will be reluctant to let the horror in. That is unless they’re already anticipating a scare because they don’t like horror anyway.

Secondly, real life experiences rely on real people being around you and the constant frightening imagery is what they’re going for and not necessarily a decent plot. Even some of the worst horror movies and survival horror games have a little exposition or at least notes left around to tell the audience what is happening and why.

In haunted house experiences it comes thick and fast with little time to think about too much. However, with a movie, the audience has plenty of time to sit back and if there’s no sign of a plot then they may get bored easily.

Necropath feels like an experiment of putting the haunted house experience in the living rooms of its audience. The problem is that unless you’re actually physically in another location where you don’t know what’s going to happen, you can always turn off the TV and go to bed.

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