The Queen Of Black Magic: Review

The Queen Of Black Magic

Hanif (Ario Bayu) and Nadya (Hannah Al Rashid) are taking their three children back to the orphanage where Hanif grew up because the beloved caretaker of the orphanage Mr. Bandi (Yayu A. W. Unru) is very ill and Hanif wants to check that his father figure is being well looked after. They’re joined by Anton (Tanta Ginting) and Jefri (Miller Khan), Hanif’s best friends from when they were children and his friends have brought their wives as well.

Deciding to spend the night all together under one roof, the three couples and their children all settle in, but tensions soon start to rise when an unfortunate accident becomes more terrifying than they first thought and a mysterious supernatural force starts to take over their minds and bodies.

All of this happening because a secret long left buried has finally been unearthed.

The Queen of Black Magic is a remake of the 80’s horror classic of the same name, directed by Kimo Stamboel and written by Joko Anwar, a rising star in Indonesian horror. A simple premise which puts the audience into a false sense of confidence, The Queen of Black Magic seems like a slow burn horror at first. However, once the gore, violence and mayhem starts, it keeps going until the credits roll.

The original movie had such an impressive display of practical effects and body horror that the remake attempts to recreate the same feel. However, although it does manage to maintain that atmosphere, there is some slightly ropey CGI thrown in to paper over the cracks. This does help the movie do things that the original could only dream of doing though.

Unfortunately, it’s the plot that’s a little paper thin with moments of convenient exposition explained by characters that conveniently appear with other characters that disappear entirely. It also doesn’t seem like the movie knows where to stop as by the finale, the effects have gone so over the top that it verges on being unintentionally funny.

A perfect horror movie slasher for those who love their gore and violence ramped up to the max, but for others it may turn their stomachs.

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