The Lennox Report: Review

The Lennox Report: Review. By Luke Foulder-Hughes.

The Lennox Report is a really interesting romantic short film made during the pandemic. It follows Kayla, as she gets to work with her colleague Mark as they become acquainted with one another. It was nice to see these things that we are all doing in lockdown represented on screen in an unconventional way, through separate ‘Whoosh’ calls. As well as this, the film discusses the ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests that occurred during lockdown, and sheds light on the importance of the movement, whilst still staying playful and enjoyable.

My favourite thing about this film was the writing by Amanda Bright, who also plays Kayla. In a film made like this, the writing has to be perfect or it wouldn’t work, as we saw with the ‘Unfriended’ horror films. The Lennox Report was hilarious and felt natural most of the time, with very few exceptions to this, as sometimes the humour didn’t necessarily land as it may have been intended. However, this minor nitpick in a near flawless script is likely personal to the comedy I enjoy, and most of the jokes landed perfectly and were really funny.

It’s also impressive how seamless the transition between humour and serious topics was pulled off, which is a tough feat to accomplish. As well as the excellent writing, Amanda Bright acted brilliantly, as did most of the cast. It was obvious that she wrote the character for herself as her performance seemed so natural and real.  Amit Shah gave a great performance as Mark, he was written to have depth and we feel for his character. Mark and Kayla are both interesting characters with motivations that are established well, which is difficult to pull off in only 34 minutes.

The chemistry between all the actors in The Lennox Report was great, you could tell that the cast had spent time together on Zoom and knew each other well before filming, the interactions between the characters felt natural and real. Another thing I thought was great in this short film was the pacing, it was perfectly paced and the 34 minute runtime absolutely flew by in comparison to some other similar length shorts.

This was helped by the fact that this short film was in general just really enjoyable and a fun time, mainly enforced by the writing and chemistry. A very minor problem I have is that I felt it did lack some personality, there was nothing from the direction that makes it stand out too much from the influx of films being created in this style during the pandemic.

Personally, I steer clear of films that are shot through video calls, as they don’t really appeal to me, however The Lennox Report has changed my view of this, showing that they can be really fun times.

I’m glad to have watched this, as it has broadened my horizons and I may start seeking out to find films that are made in a similar style to this, as it was a really fun time!

Watch it here:

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