Sacred Cow: Review

You’ve probably had a great holiday at home together and you probably had at least one big meal that consisted of either beef, pork, chicken, turkey and maybe even duck or goose. A lot of us never even think about where our meat comes from and we take it for granted when we go to the supermarket or local farm shop to get the freshest cuts that we assume must be the healthiest choice money can buy.

There’s also a rise in people who have decided not to include meat and animal products in their diets which is either down to ethical reasons or health benefits. Sacred Cow is a documentary that recognises those arguments and presents counterpoints to each of them as it explores an in depth look into the benefits of eating meat.

Narrated by Nick Offerman, audiences may expect such a documentary to be about how the human body has evolved over time to eat meat and that it’s only natural. Also, audiences may expect that it’s simply telling its audience that they’re not ‘man enough’ if they don’t eat meat.

However, Sacred Cow takes a more balanced perspective as it not only looks at the rise of veganism, but the health crisis in general that our world is facing and that excluding red meat may not necessarily be the answer.

Talking to a number of experts and those who work in the farming industry, Sacred Cow covers every single argument that could possibly be made about not eating meat is dealt with fairly, giving a reasonable response. Just when the audience may think of something that could upend the argument for eating meat, Sacred Cow gives them a thoroughly thought out and well researched answer.

However, it doesn’t mean to demonise vegans or vegetarians either, but merely give them something to think about which often means addressing the issues head on. One little critique could be that it does sometimes try and blind its audience with science and occasionally sentimentalises the people who work on the farms, but luckily it pulls itself back and proves an informative watch for those who wish to learn more.

Perhaps don’t make your vegans friends watch it though, because it may not entirely change the strongest of minds.

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