Battle In Space: The Armada Attacks – Review

Battle In Space: The Armada Attacks

Battle in Space: The Armada Attacks is an anthology movie with five different stories that mostly take on a very similar tone. The first one sets up a con artist living in the 25th century where the Earth has been taken over by ‘Space Wizards’, the second is about a couple of men tasked with tracking down and important item on an alien planet in order to bring it back to its rightful owners.

The third one is about a spacecraft whose captain has been taken over by an alien entity. The fourth is about a man and a woman alone on a spaceship where one of them may be lying to the other. Then the final one is about a girl trying to connect with her lost family by playing a sci-fi video game.

It’s just a shame that the movie doesn’t give any indication whatsoever that it’s meant to be an anthology.

The movie starts out with a rather stoic and stern voiceover informing the audience that it’s the 25th century and the world has been taken over by Space Wizards. This could have been the perfect opportunity for the movie to subvert the audience’s expectations, but unfortunately it keeps up this serious tone which completely lacks any sense of self awareness.

For the most part each of the stories are mind numbingly generic and if they were given more time may even turn out to be something more interesting and maybe even funny. However, this is where the movie gets even more frustrating as just when the audience may think that the story will get somewhere – it cuts to the next story with little to no warning.

The visuals in some of the short stories admittedly do look great when considering what a low budget the anthology must have, and the way that each story instantly evokes another movie that it’s clearly taking its influence from is effective.

However, in the end apart from the last story, they are all excerpts from movies we have seen before. A confusing experiment in how to give your audience the bare minimum.

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