Agent Revelation: Review

Agent Revelation

Jim Yung (Derek Ting) is a soldier sent with his troop on a mission when his entire crew get infected by an alien dust that inhabits their bodies and turns them against him. Thankfully though, the side effects of the dust give Jim incredible powers which only heighten his military skills and he’s taken in by a special forces team.

The team is financed by Alastair (Michael Dorn) who has been aware of the alien presence for quite some time and has put it upon himself to work against the alien forces which aim to take over the human race after they turned on him over twenty years ago.

They’ve also managed to capture one of Jim’s combat buddies, John (Terrance Christopher Jones) and as his body is a vessel for an alien entity, they enlist Jim to get through to the human inside. However, with Jim questioning his new found abilities and the alien presence growing ever stronger, the team may not be able to pull it together in time.

Agent Revelation is a science fiction movie written, directed by and starring Derek Ting and sequel to his original movie, Agent. Obviously being influenced by science fiction shows from the Nineties, Agent Revelation picks up with just what Ting expects the audience to enjoy, perhaps much like he would himself.

The trouble is that this and probably the first movie puts him front and centre as he plays out his fantasy of being a superhuman with the world depending on him. It would have been fine if Ting had given Jim or in fact any of the cast any personality, because the setup is solid and has been the staple of many superhero movie or science fiction TV show.

However, Agent 2 ends up coming across like an extended pilot for a generic science fiction TV show.

Fans of Michael Dorn may be delighted to see him in a large role as Jim’s mentor, but there are only so many training montages that one film can take before the audience starts to wonder why we should care about anyone. Although we do get a brief glimpse of some Mok’bara.

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