The Facility: Review

Grace (Harriet Madeley) and her friends are urban explorers, they find out about a place that’s been shut off to the world and so naturally they go to investigate. Captain Alexei Ushakov (Omri Rose) is also aware about the abandoned facility, but after being sent in by his boss, (Sally Phillips) Captain Ushakov’s team and Grace’s friends are put into mortal danger as what dwells in the facility starts to play tricks on them.

The Facility is a British horror movie and otherwise known as The Rizen: Possession which is written and directed by Matt Mitchell and serves as a sequel to The Rizen which was released in 2017.

Right from the start the audience is given exactly what they need to know, so those who haven’t seen the original can just jump in with no expectations or prior knowledge needed in order to enjoy the movie. The set up is very simple and has been seen in many films before, although perhaps with either picking the group of explorers or the special forces team as the protagonists.

Mixing the two teams does give the audience a bit more to watch though, as for those who like military horror films like Dog Soldiers and Predator can enjoy the comradery between seasoned professionals. While others who enjoy a more conventional supernatural slasher can focus on the group of friends.

The trouble is that there’s very little time to stay with either group and whereas they both play out some of the cliches that an audience may expect, there really isn’t enough time to care about any of them.

Then the audience is introduced to the big twist and this is where it may split them in half. Fans of The Rizen may be delighted to see Mitchell’s original vision expanded upon from the first movie, but others who are new to the series may find themselves utterly confused and a little overwhelmed by the information that they are given so rapidly.

It remains unclear as to why The Facility is called so because it only partly holds up as a stand-alone movie. However, for those who are intrigued and may want to find out more about Mitchell’s cinematic world then they can always watch the original.

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