Ragnarok: Show Review

Ragnarok: Show Review

Ragnarok is one of the most-watched Norwegian TV shows, which is especially popular among young people and teenagers. The TV series is a thriller genre TV show, which offers the story of a few young adults who want to save the world by fighting the gods. The story is based on the ancient Nordic legend. Ragnarok itself means the end of the world, and this is what the heroes try to prevent.

The Netflix show turned out to be more popular and successful than it was expected to be. And while it might not look possible for the heroes to save the world, the show gets more and more interesting every episode. In order to understand the nature of the show better, it is necessary to dive into the plot.

The plot

The main plot of the show is devoted to the family of a mother and two sons, who decide to move to Edda, Norway. The decision was made after their father and beloved husband passed away. The Danish and Norwegian teenagers, Magne and Laurits are very supportive of their mother and try to be at hand every time she needs them. The two guys are very different from each other. One is very introverted and the other is a social butterfly. 

The mother of the boys, Turid, who is played by Henriette Steenstrup, has a good job in the city in the plant industry. This is not the first time in Edde, actually, the family used to have summer vacations in the small town, and both kids, as well as their parents, were quite happy about it, though this is not the case now. The boys don’t seem happy and the reason might be very vivid in the future series and seasons. 

The most important part of the story begins when they arrive at the town and Magne tries to help an old man. This is the moment when a woman in curlers finds him and then touches his forehead. At this very moment, his eye lightens up. Somehow Magne senses that it’s going to rain, despite the fact that the sky is clean. And of course, here comes the rain. 

Nothing special happens after this moment, but the story goes as usual. Boys go to school. The interesting fact to know is that Lauritas has skipped a few years in school, because of his extraordinary skills and talents, while Magne is dyslexic and has been kept in the same grade for some years. Despite his disease, Magne still manages to find a friend, Isolde, who is Youtuber and makes vlogs about environments and is concerned that the glacier that’s on the local mountain top is melting due to climate change and might soon cause a catastrophe. 

Norse mythology was a good choice

Generally speaking, Norwegian culture and mythology keep many legends and secrets behind. This is why it leaves many people interested and always involved. Norwegian mythology has been popularized a lot throughout the past time. Many producers find it very interesting and find it engaging, that’s why many TV shows, as well as movies, have been produced recently. Nordic chords keep the music on a high note, with always very picturesque scenes to offer the audience. 

Not only Nordic chords are popular among movie producers and actors, but in industries like gambling, we will often come across games based on the Nordic legends and myths. The characters of the myths are very vibrant themselves who have a lot to uncover, new stories and motives. While there are many Nordic-themed online games, all of them are different and all of them have something extraordinary to offer the players. Many people play online Nordic-themed mobilcasino games as they call them in Norwegian, which in translation is mobile casino games. We have already seen several versions of Thor, of Odina, and perhaps will see some more in the future. 

More about the Movie 

While the TV show itself is definitely not the best ever quality you expect from Netflix especially, it is still somewhat exciting, especially when the story takes a rather different turn and approach. The action gets tense and thrilling when Turid starts to work on the plantation with her old friend, Vidar, who turns out to be far from the grown-up good man. Vidar is the owner of the fish factory, but this is not the way he earned his wealth. And who knows why? He is definitely not the one he wants everything to think. Vidar’s children Fjor and Saxa are studying in the same school as Laurits and Magne

Some love stories are obviously present as well when Magne had a crush on Saxa. Though, there is the tragedy present as well. This is the moment when Magne notices some major changes in himself. These include the increased power, that he does not need to have glasses anymore. When Isolde invites him to climb to the glacier, he hikes up in sneakers and does not even get tired of the whole journey. This is when he gets a text from his brother that Turid is in trouble, he barely steps on the ground to get back to the towns. At this time he understands that Lauritas pranked him, yet in the meantime when Isolde is paragliding, a terrible thing happens.

It is definitely true that Magne is the prototype of Thor, using the power of lightning. It is unknown if Laurits is the prototype of Loki, who is the god of lies and sneakiness and simultaneously is the brother of Thor. If we look closer at the character, we might see some similarities between Loki and Laurits. And Vidar is definitely a giant, the evil god who tries to encourage the fast happening of Ragnarok. 

This definitely might not be the best ever TV show you have ever seen and it might not be something you will remember for the rest of your life, it’s not even about taking away some valuable information or emotions, but it is watchable and even exciting especially for the teenagers. Overall, the show does not list the best Netflix shows.

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