The Sunlit Night: Another Review

The Sunlit Night

The Sunlit Night: Another Review – Frances (Jenny Slate) is an artist, her sister, Gaby (Elise Kibler) is getting married and coincidentally her parents are separating. Jenny feels stuck in a rut as her family all seem to have significant changes in their lives and she has nothing.

Then an opportunity comes her way to move to Norway to be an apprentice to a renowned artist called Nils (Fridtjov Såheim) who’s at a low ebb of his career. However, when Frances gets there, she realises that life in a foreign country that seems so idyllic and peaceful may be far more challenging than she originally thought.

The Sunlit Night is a gentle indie comedy drama directed by David Wnendt and written by Rebecca Dinerstein Knight from her original novel. This is the kind of movie that feels like a warm bath, a nice glass of wine and a well-rested sleep.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with any of those, but for anybody that may want something with a bit more substance then they may want to look elsewhere. Sunlit Night is a view of a far-away land through the lens of rose-tinted glasses, perhaps even a love letter to a place that’s so different from the chaotic New York lifestyle.

Characters such as Haldor (Zach Galifianakis) the American Viking and Olyana (Gillian Anderson) do nothing to add to the plot with the latter’s attempt at a Scandinavian accent sticking out like a sore thumb. However, The Sunlit Night is pleasant enough to watch and will pass the time even though it feels like some sequences have been shortened to further the plot.

The Sunlit Night may be perfect for this time of year as well as you can just watch it without having to pay too much attention to it as you’ll most likely know what’s going to happen.

Whilst that may sound like damning with feint praise, The Sunlit Night has just as much of a right to exist as anything else and if it’s aiming to be a movie that fits a certain mood then it succeeds. Although at times it might have been nice if it was more memorable.

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