Sasquatch Among The Wildmen: Review

Sasquatch Among The Wildmen

There have been many myths and legends of creatures that have been sighted around the world. Creatures such as the Jersey Devil, the Loch Ness Monster and Even the Sasquatch otherwise known as Bigfoot or even Wildmen have been sighted and encounters have been talked about for years. However, out of all the supposed creatures which are reported to be roaming wooded areas or lakes, the Sasquatch seems to be one of the most documented creatures around.

Sightings have come from North America, Russia and Tibet where they’re known as Yetis and so it’s theorised that these ‘wildmen’ are in fact hominids, a subspecies of homo-sapiens (the human race) and that their existence, albeit rare, is still very real.

Sasquatch Among The Wildmen is a documentary that aims to explore the truth behind the supposed sightings that have been reported from around the world. With interviews from various people who all claim to have been close to a Sasquatch and some who even claim that they’ve made contact. Going into great detail to prove the existence of the creatures, some of the interviews and footage do drag a little bit, making it feel that Sasquatch Among Wildmen may only be for those who are interested in the stories on a forensic level.

After all the first-person accounts and shaky camera footage that you may expect from a show on this subject, the documentary does indeed get forensic and with the help from experts and enthusiastic investigators the documentary does go over things with a fine tooth comb. However, as this may delight some and may even tip the balance for some of the sceptics, it may bore others as it feels at times that the mystery behind the existence of some beings is more fun than the reality.

Sasquatch Among The Wildmen is a documentary that feels like it was a special episode of a television series rather than something that stands up by itself. So, as people may watch the show with varying degrees of interest, some may wonder if there were other such shows on different mythical topics that go into as much detail.

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