Manifestation: Is It Actually Real?

Manifestation: Is It Actually Real?

Manifestation: Is It Actually Real?

Can you manifest the life of your dreams? Do our thoughts really dictate the direction of our lives? Can we think ourselves confident, smart, or successful?

We’ve seen manifestation portrayed as somewhat of a fantasy element in popular films. In “Colossal” (2016) Anne Hathaways’ character Gloria somehow realizes she controls a giant creature that is destroying Seoul, South Korea, in the classic film “Groundhog Day” (1993) Bill Murray is stuck in an eternal loop until he can straighten out his mind and manifest a life with more common sense and stability, one that’s actually worth living, in “Big” (1988) Tom Hanks is sick of being a kid and, with the help of Zoltar, manifests himself, well, big; but, there’s a caveat. Manifestation in these films is just a fantasy, it doesn’t actually happen in real life; or does it?

The concept of manifestation, contrary to popular belief, is actually nothing new. In 1952 pastor Norman Vincent Peale wrote self help book “The Power of Positive Thinking.” Revolutionary and somewhat controversial at the time, the book was nonetheless a spiritual guide for many who wanted to live the life of their dreams; and even a favorite of US Presidents Donald Trump, Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton who all touted the power of our thoughts and how they take shape in our lives. Peale even officiated President Trump’s wedding to his first wife Ivana. Interesting that three US Presidents believe in the power of manifestation? Not so much.

Many successful people believe that our thoughts shape our lives, and that abundance is within reach. JJ Scheinwynn is the founder of “Soul of Light” a spiritual organization focused on transformative thoughts and the power of a positive mind. “You are powerful, and you are in control of creating your best life,” Scheinwynn says. “If you see all life experiences as divinely orchestrated it will change your view. Any thoughts that deny your power or greatness are simply put, a lie. Thoughts of faith are important, we can’t consistently think negatively of ourselves and expect to live in abundance. We have to practice positive thinking, “I am” affirmations, and follow up on our thoughts and words with action.”

These words ring true when we consider everything starts with a thought. Whether it be a business, any sort of relationship, or even a film or TV show. A screenwriter, for example, starts with a blank page. Everything that manifests on screen first began as a thought in someone’s mind. Every business, everything we use today.

Even the computer I am typing on was a thought. As Steve Jobs famously said “have the courage to follow your heart and your intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become.“ Our minds are a powerful tool, but it is up to us to decide where our thoughts go and how they direct our steps.COVID-19 has had such a shocking and unexpected global impact on everyone and everything that people don’t even know where to begin to pick up the pieces.

The film business is teetering or at a total standstill, and no one knows what the future holds for movie theaters or live events. Scheinwynn says “now more than ever it is important that we remain positive, this year has been tough but we are tougher. We must think ourselves prosperous and stay on a positive growth pattern,” but he also advises that the power is within us and we maintain free will. 

For myself personally, I would rather add up all the negative experiences I have had this year, and throughout my life, and somehow try to see how they changed me or made me better and stronger. Even if you think manifestation is a fantasy conjured up by Hollywood or a prosperity preacher, isn’t it better to remain positive in the face of adversity or unfair life events and circumstances? You’ll undoubtedly look better, feel better, and think better. It’s ironic to me that COVID-19 struck in 2020, because hindsight will be just that, 2020. 

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