Love In Dangerous Times: Review

Love In Dangerous Times

Jason (Ian Stout) is a budding actor who works in a restaurant, but his real dream is to become a successful playwright. Then a few months ago the pandemic swept across the world and although initially he doesn’t think it would be so bad, over time Jason becomes more aware of the serious problem affecting the world right now.

On the one hand this left him more time to do the things that he always wanted, but on the other hand he lives by himself and it feels like if the world was going to end, he would die alone. However, Jason soon decides to do something about it and joins a dating site and that’s where he meets Sorrell (Tiffany Groben) and they hit it off after an awkward first date.

As things get worse and internet dating becomes more and more difficult, Jason and Sorrell find that love in dangerous times is more complicated than they ever thought it would be.

Love in Dangerous Times is a rather timely film written and directed by Jon Garcia. Whereas some may find the film and its release somewhat opportunistic, Love in Dangerous Times could very well be considered as a time capsule.

The film does manage to capture the moment and a lot of people will be able to find themselves relating to Jason and his situation, but whether they would feel comfortable watching a film like that right now will be up to them.

Personally, watching a film at home on my computer where a man sits at home watching his computer may be the most meta film experience of my life and I don’t know whether I liked it or not.

Love in Dangerous Times hits all the right notes and maybe in future will be considered a very accurate portrayal of an unusual time in our history when we all thought we were untouchable. However, being filmed so early on in the pandemic, it isn’t really thorough enough and feels like the film is in a bubble. There’s more going on right now than anyone could encapsulate in one movie and although a valiant effort, maybe Love in Dangerous Times would settle better in a few months.

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