Beast Within: Review

Beast Within

August (Steve Morana) is a game developer of Werewolves Within, a mobile game based on the popular party game of Werewolf. At the launch party for the app there are a variety of guests including August’s best friend, Stan (Marco Timpano), his boss, Brian (Art Hindle), and Cheyenne (Holly Deveaux) a beautiful and mysterious woman he’s been talking to online who he invited to the party.

However, as the guests all settle in and get to know each other better it seems that one of them is hiding a secret and that one of them may really be a werewolf.

Beast Within is a horror movie that takes the premise for the original party game and opens it up into a real-life game within a movie with plenty of potential to show its audience how fun the game can be to those who’ve never played it. Unfortunately, Beast Within takes itself far too seriously and although set up in a self-referential scenario, the movie tries too hard to be a serious horror and forgets to have fun.

Also, for a relatively short film, Beast Within does like to take its time to set up its players. In fact, it ends up taking a good amount of time into the movie before anybody realises that somebody has died and that there may even be a werewolf which is quite frustrating to watch.

There are also a lot of missed opportunities in the dialogue and the connections between the characters is all but lost as they all only really come together once they’re in danger.

A better script could have made their interactions much more realistic and perhaps even humorous as the characters start to turn on each other. It might have even helped to add moments to the script that reflected real games of Werewolf that could have made players of the game laugh.

The best part is really the reveal of the werewolf in all its glory because there has been a real effort in the effects, it’s just a shame that the execution of the movie wasn’t as involved.

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