The Mortuary Collection: Review

Montgomery Dark (Clancy Brown) is a mortician on the verge of retirement. He still very much enjoys his work, but with a Help Wanted sign outside, Montgomery Dark is looking for new blood. Then one day a young woman named Sam (Caitlin Fisher) answers that wanted ad and applies for the position, whatever that may be. What follows is a series of short stories as told by Montgomery to his new apprentice on what could be the very last night of their lives.

The Mortuary Collection is a horror anthology movie coming to Shudder with a spectacular looking production value, all tipped off nicely by a creepy and sometimes comical script and a larger than life performance by cult actor Clancy Brown.

A collection of Morality tales, The Mortuary Collection sets its tale in decades gone by, evoking the Fifties right through to the Seventies although it’s difficult to tell when exactly the movie is set.

Supposedly this adds to the timeless quality of the movie, where fans of horror can indulge in anything from Lovecraftian bathroom scares to Halloween slasher pastiches. However, it could be said that the subgenres that it ties itself to so closely are its constraint, because as well done it is and as lovely it is to look at, The Mortuary Collection sometimes feels like style over substance.

Having a horror anthology with a single writer/director (Ryan Spindell) also limits the range of the stories, although often critiqued by the characters themselves for their unoriginality, some different voices with different things to bring to the table may have added more variety.

All the actors play their parts well, but there isn’t really one story that stands out over any other and some different artistic styles and visions may have helped to liven it up.

Although for fans of a bit of tongue in cheek horror with buckets of blood, gore and… um, well other bodily fluids, then The Mortuary Collection may just be what you’re looking for. After all, who could deny themselves the pleasure of watching Clancy Brown camping it up for a few laughs?

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