Piss Off, I Love You: Review

Piss Off, I Love You

Sandy (Jessie McCormack) also lovingly known as ‘Murica is a TV host looking for a new job. She gets a call from her friend, Gina (Gaylor Howe) about a job that she would be perfect for and so she soon sets on her way for London. So, Sandy is soon doing Vox pops for a new TV show which lovingly makes fun of the Brits, but not without a few pot shots thrown Sandy’s way for good measure.

Piss Off, I Love You is a new series written, directed by and starring Jessie McCormack which judging by its opening episode is a funny, insightful and all too knowing swipe at the relationship between the UK and America.

Starting off with some of the interviews with typical members of the British public, Sandy finds that although there are some issues of our own, there is more than enough material for the British to slap right back in her face.

However, it’s not just a gentle ribbing back and forth between the countries, as Gina’s relationship with her husband, Hugh (Robert Wilfort) shows that there’s even contention between family members as the dreaded B-word (Brexit) rears its ugly head.

Although from the first episode it seems that as much of a love/hate relationship between the US and the UK as there is between members of the Great British public. Piss Off, I Love You shows that as bad as our situations may be, we’re all in this together.

Sandy’s interviews with various members of the public are well acted and may be a bit stereotypical on the side of what the Americans may think of us, but that may well be the point. Safe to say though that if they weren’t so wittily written and that there was a decision to talk to real members of the public, the responses may be a lot worse.

Piss Off, I Love You captures quite accurately just how we all feel about each other, whether from the US to the UK and even between ourselves. Sit back, laugh and just try not to think about how bad things could really get.

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