Fugue: Review


Malcom (Jack Foley) wakes up one morning with no recollection of how he got there or who he is. He meets Helen (Laura Tremblay) who tells him that she is his wife and that he has been suffering from short term memory loss. A while later, Helen opens the door and it’s their friend, Ian (Mike Donis) who comes inside and hopes to help Malcolm regain his memory.

However, later that night Malcolm and Helen are woken up to intruders who try and force Malcolm to open their safe, but with Malcolm not having any idea who he is let alone the safe combination, they knock him out.

When Malcolm wakes up the next day, he cannot remember a thing about the night before and goes about his day with his wife and his son, Samuel (Evan Siemann) who’s celebrating a sixth birthday. Little does Malcolm realise that although he may have forgotten the events of the night before, the intruders haven’t and they’re coming back to get into Malcolm’s safe by any means necessary.

Fugue is an intense home invasion thriller with familiar tropes that have been used time and time again when it comes to protagonists suffering from memory loss. Right from the start the audience may be wondering whether Malcolm is really in a situation that he is and so suspicion falls onto Helen and Ian from the word go.

Both are being rather cagey and seem to be hiding something, however the extent of their deception is played so well that although the audience may know where the plot is going, the performances are enjoyable enough.

However, there’s enough to distract the audience, at least for the most part, so that it doesn’t really matter whether the audience realise how familiar the story may be, not to mention the large plot hole that never gets addressed.

All the actors play their parts well, particularly Tremblay and Donis who play well off each other when the full extent of their relationship is revealed. Fugue’s plot may not be all that original and the low budget Inception-like plot may grate a little, but it’s enjoyable enough as long as you don’t think about it too hard.

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