Expulsion: Review


Scott (Colton Tapp) and Vincent (Aaron Jackson) work for a company called Cicero Market Technologies Corporation that makes technology that the world may never know about. Tasked with developing new technology and testing the boundaries of what’s possible, they take some of it home and it’s not long before Scott makes a breakthrough.

Working on theories about portals and parallel universes, Scott invents a literal door to another world and although he knows how potentially dangerous this discovery may be, it’s not long before his curiosity gets the better of him as he passes through to the other side.

That’s where he meets Other Scott (Colton Tapp) who has been expecting him and warns him about the dangers that are ahead of him if he continues his work. However, Scott doesn’t realise that Other Scott has ulterior motives that may put his life in danger.

Expulsion is a science fiction movie written and directed by Aaron Jackson and Sean C. Stephens. Following in the tradition of many science fiction stories that have been written about parallel worlds and scientific discoveries gone wrong, Expulsion seems to know exactly what it wants to do and how to do it.

With a clearly limited budget and resources, it may be easy to write off Expulsion but thankfully the script is the thing that holds it all together, giving the movie no more and no less than it needs to tell its story.

The acting is also of the low budget variety and often it seems that the script may be better served with performances that match its preciseness. However, the actors do what they can with the script and although the scenes and dialogue may be very familiar, the fact that the movie was done on such a low budget shows that often it’s the script that matters most.

Expulsion is the kind of science fiction movie that has been done many times before in both television and cinema, but those fans of the familiar tropes and themes of this subgenre of science fiction may feel comforted to know it’s still done well.

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