Up On The Glass: Review

Jack DiMercurio (Chase Fein) has never really known what he wanted out of life. He’s always been jealous of one of his high school friends, Andy Shelton (Hunter Cross) as he always wishes he’d managed to get together with Liz (Chelsea Kurtz) who eventually became Andy’s wife. However, Jack tries to put the past behind him to reunite with Andy and their friend, Donald ‘Moze’ Mosely (Steve Holm), but after Moze leaves Jack and Andy alone, things get a little heated between the pair and old grievances rear their ugly heads.

This leads to a heavy altercation between Jack and Andy and after something terrible happens, Jack sees an opportunity to get closer to Liz to see if life in Andy’s shoes would have fit any better.

The problem is that as Jack’s conscience starts getting the better of him, he starts to wonder whether he’s doing the right thing as he gets closer to Liz. Also, Jack finds out that Andy and Liz’s life wasn’t as perfect as it looked on the surface.

Up on The Glass is a slow burn thriller and feature debut from director and co-writer, Kevin Del Principe. What seems to take a while to get going, Up on The Glass is merely setting the scene for what happens later and with a premise that easily could have been a predictable thriller turns out to be far more interesting.

The dialogue is well written with the cast all playing their parts well and despite the slightly outlandish occurrence about halfway through, Del Principe’s script and direction curiously maintains an air of realism as the audience is shown Jack’s inner turmoil between doing what he wants and what is right.

Those in the audience expecting a predictable, cheesy thriller may be disappointed as although Up on The Glass plays with these conventions, it intentionally never follows through on the familiar set ups and tropes of lesser titles.

In fact, the audience may even start siding with Jack as he starts to get everything he ever wanted, despite the fact that his methods are not so ethical. A film that may leave the audience a little frustrated as they don’t get every question answered, Up on The Glass dares to ask the audience whether Jack really deserves to get exactly what he wants.

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