Red, White & Wasted: Review

Red, White & Wasted: Review

In Orlando there lives a man known as Video Pat who lives in what could be called a Redneck community. He’s a family man, divorced but still taking care of his two daughters and even has a grandchild on the way.

However, Pat’s passion is for Mudding, a motorsport that he’s obsessed with, as he not only loves the sport, but he loves the lifestyle too. It seems though that the documentary may really have a different focus and if you really want to know more about Mudding, then Red, White & Wasted may not be the documentary for you.

Red, White & Wasted is really about the people, the truth behind the stereotypes and how they really feel. The thing is though that a lot of the stereotypes may actually be true.

Pat starts talking about the Redneck life, but as with him and many other subjects of the documentary, they don’t think that it applies to them. There’s talk about stereotypes and how they even talk about other people as being Rednecks when they think they aren’t. However, what the documentary shows is that whether they like it or not, they are the stereotypes we all think of when we think of Rednecks.

There’s teenage drug taking, passionate arguments about the American gun laws and rampant racism that runs through the veins of the Redneck community. However, these kinds of things could be said about a lot of people and although Red, White & Wasted shines a light on those people who it’s believed help Trump come to office, this may be just a part of what made him so popular.

When you hear about people saying that Trump is just like one of them, then it seems that they really believe it, they don’t see the money and power that he has (although Pat rails against the corporate direction that Mudding is going). They just see a man who tells them he has the same values as them and that’s what speaks to them.

Red, White & Wasted is an unbiased, honest look at that certain type of Trump voter that people always suspected really existed and even if you disagree with them on certain views – like it or not, they may be a lot like you.

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