Kang, Madonna, Thor: Weekly Round Up

Kang, Madonna, Thor: Weekly Round Up

Kang, Madonna, Thor: Weekly Round Up – When Disney finalized the Fox take-over one of the many things that had people speculating, aside from those of us who watched in dismay and horror at the collapse of yet another of the big studios and Disney’s ever growing monopoly of terror over the industry, was just how the studio would begin the process of introducing the various Marvel Comics characters with whom Fox had the rights into the MCU.

Of course, most audience members will be excited to see the Fantastic Four or the X-Men make their first appearance, but it seems Disney are in no rush to get on with that just yet, and instead are taking a more subtle approach, as has seemingly been confirmed by this week’s announcement that the villain for the upcoming Ant-Man 3, will be the iconic comic villain Kang the Conqueror.

Kang was one of many comic characters tangled up in the rights issues over at Fox, but now Disney hold all the card (ALL OF THEM!!!!) then I’m guessing we’ll see more characters like this show up as the franchise moves forward.

Perhaps more interesting that the character himself, though, is who has been cast in the role. For anyone who has been watching HBO’s Lovecraft Country, Jonathan Majors, the star of that show, landed the role, which is quite exciting. Although due to the COVID-19 situation we still find ourselves all trapped in there is no confirmed and set release date for Ant-Man 3, but and educated guess suggests we’ll be seeing it either late 2022 at the earliest, more likely sometime in 2023.

And while we’re on the subject of Marvel, this week we got some interesting and welcome news from Thor Odinson himself, Chris Hemsworth.

Hemsworth was last seen in the role flying off with the Guardians of the Galaxy, but his next solo-outing is the much anticipated Thor: Love & Thunder, which also sees writer/director Taika Waititi return to helm the project, as well as Natalie Portman return to the franchise after a very public feud, as Thor’s love interest, Jane Foster.

Now, one of the things that is known about Love & Thunder is that it will be adapting, at least in part, a comic book storyline in which Jane Foster actually becomes the new female incarnation of Thor. This news has led many to speculate that Hemsworth would, much like Evens and Downy Jr. before him, be retiring from the MCU.

Well, Hemsworth directly addressed these rumors this week, and insisted that this was not the case. When asked about the possibility that this would be his final outing at the God of Thunder, Hemsworth said, “Are you crazy? I’m not going into any retirement period. Thor is far too young for that. He’s only 1,500 years old. It’s definitely not a film that I say goodbye to this brand. At least I hope so”.

It is worth noting though that in the comics Thor has, on occasion, travel with the Guardians of the Galaxy, and since that seemed to be the set-up at the end of Endgame, it is very possible that Portman and Hemsworth can co-exist within the MCU as the character for some time.

Music biopics are all the rage at the moment, what with the success of both Bohemian Rhapsody and Rocketman leading the way, and despite the stalling of productions thanks to Coronavirus, studios don’t seem to be in any hurry to give up returning to that particular well anytime soon. This was made all the clearer this week when we got word that pop-icon Madonna would be receiving the biopic treatment.

Mind you, in typical Madonna fashion, this is anything but a normal biopic, and the singer will also be directing the film. This bizarre turn of events might be in keeping with Madonna’s trademark style, but there is something rather strange about the idea of a star having to critically analyse and approach their own life through the lens of a biopic. Still, it’ll make for an interesting experiment.

We’ve known for a while that Madonna was working on something, as she announced that during the lockdown she and Juno screenwriter Diablo Cody had been busy working on a project together. There is no title attached at this time, and we do not yet know who will play Madonna in the film (assuming that it won’t be, y’know, Madonna, which would be weird), although people have begun speculating that Ozark’s Julia Garner may have landed the role after the singer began to follow the actress on Instagram.

I hate music biopics, but I’ll admit, I’m intrigued.

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