Alien Addiction: Review

Riko (Jimi Jackson) loves hanging out with his mates, getting stoned and chasing girls. Unfortunately, the only thing he’s good at is getting stoned. He lives with his mum and his friends all make fun of her because she’s so absent minded and also keeps talking about the day that the aliens will come to Earth. Riko tries to defend his mum to his mates, but he still feels embarrassed by her.

Then one day a news report tells the nation that a large meteor has hit the earth, somewhere in New Zealand, so Riko and his friends set out to find where it went and even what may have landed alongside it.

After a while nothing happens, but soon Riko finds two aliens that have come out of their spaceship when it crashed, but rather than being scared, Riko finds out that they have more in common with him than he’d ever imagined.

Alien Addiction is a sci-fi comedy written and directed by Shae Sterling that seems to be taken from a different time rather than just from a different space. Riko and his friends are the typical kind of characters that you’d find in films from the early 2000’s, they’re lazy stoners who still live like teenagers and will remind the audience of characters such as Harold and Kumar and Jesse and Chester from Dude Where’s My Car?.

The problem is though, especially with Riko being the protagonist, he has no redeemable features whatsoever.

Alien Addiction is also supposed to be a comedy, but again the jokes are lazy and juvenile, seemingly only aimed at an audience of teenage boys and man-children. If you think this kind of comedy is aimed at you then you should feel very insulted.

Although the kinds of things like jokes about feces and sex with larger women may have been funny once, audiences have moved on and if anybody ever admitted to finding that kind of thing funny then they’d probably be outcast from society. Alien Addiction is a mean spirited, outdated comedy that’s an embarrassment to all those involved.

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