The Northman: Full Cast Revealed, Filming Resumes

The Northman

The Northman: Full Cast Revealed, Filming Resumes. By Erin Brady.

One of the numerous productions that have had their filmings delayed was American horror auteur Robert Eggers’ third film, ‘The Northman.’ However, filming has now officially resumed in Ireland after its production was shut down in March.

Although much of the plot is still under wraps, ‘The Northman’ is being described as a Viking revenge thriller set in 10th Century Iceland.

On August 19th, it was confirmed that ‘The Northman’ has resumed production, along with a somewhat-official cast reveal. Eric Higgins, best known for his role on History Channel’s famous show ‘Vikings,’ not only revealed his involvement in the film via an Instagram Stories post, but he also revealed some of the famous names confirmed to star in the historical epic.

Among the actor headshots featured in Higgins’ Instagram post are Nicole Kidman and Alexander Skarsgård, who were previously confirmed to star in the film this past October. However, a number of new actors were also confirmed to star in Eggers’ film.

One of these is actress Kate Dickie, reuniting with Eggers after portraying the doomed mother Katherine in his directorial debut ‘The Witch.’ The film will also have her share the screen with her ‘Witch’ character’s daughter Anya Taylor Joy, who among Kidman and Skarsgård was confirmed to star in the film in October.

However, arguably the most intriguing development is arguably Icelandic singer Björk’s newly-confirmed casting. Set to be her first theatrical acting role in nearly 20 years, she was rumored to be in talks in October, but now her involvement is officially confirmed. The acclaimed singer-songwriter will be playing a witch in the film.

As filming resumes on ‘The Northman,’ expect more surprises and developments to arise.

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