Gaming Movies: The 5 Best Ever Made

Molly’s Game

5 Best Gaming Movies Ever Made – Over the years the art of transitioning gaming into movies has been fraught with pitfalls, from movie makers clearly having no idea about how the game they are tackling works, to the opinions of fans being completely ignored.

However, when a movie does somehow manage to capture the imagination of gamers, gaming and the wider public at the same time it can make for a blockbuster of epic proportions.

Here are five times that movie studios got it just right and created either cult movies that will live in the memory forever, or box office hits that made everyone involved a millionaire.

Tomb Raider

Often the key to making a good video game movie is to keep things simple and that is exactly what Simon West did when he harnessed the finest qualities of Lara Croft and imbued them on Angelina Jolie.

The result was fast paced action carried out by a female protagonist who was as glamorous as she was lethal with a pistol and whip.

The movie went on to spawn a sequel featuring Jolie. The role of Croft has now been taken over by Alicia Vikander, who has since taken the character to the next level.

Mix in The Wire’s Dominic West as well as an appearance from Kristen Scott Thomas, and the new Tomb Raider movie was always bound to be a hit. Expect another one to surface in the near future. Photo

Fans of the Tomb Raider movies still visit the Angkor Wat temple where some of the most iconic scenes were shot

Casino Royale

James Bond has always had a penchant for casino games, as multiple incarnations of 007 have played everything from craps to blackjack, all the while looking cool as a cucumber and catching the eye of the most beautiful woman in the gaming hall.

Once the box office figures came through, Casino Royale was declared the biggest grossing James Bond movie ever made, which may have been due to the proliferation of players sampling casino games online via their phones and laptops.

One thing is for sure, most people these days who pick up a juicy casino bonus online, think about themselves suited and booted in a razor sharp tux, tossing chips around like they are going out of fashion.

Resident Evil

In many ways Resident Evil is the gold standard of a game transitioning over to conquer Hollywood.

What is so special about these movies is that they did away with many storytelling and movie making norms, and instead focused on relentless action as well as remaining true to the games themselves.

The result was the movies getting panned by critics, which led to fans loving them even more, turning Milla Jovovich into an icon in the process. Photo

There was so much action in Resident Evil movies that there was barely time to eat your popcorn

Molly’s Game

Poker is a game that should be well-suited to the big screen, but that has not stopped directors making a pig’s ear of so many movies based around the card game.

Sometimes the way to go instead is to track down an author and a book that already got the formula just right, so that all you have to do is adapt it into movie form.

That is exactly what Aaron Sorkin did with Molly’s Game, plunging the depths of this intriguing game and the varied characters who play it.

Far Cry

This last suggestion is a little bit tongue-in-cheek because, much like Resident Evil, it is in many ways a truly dreadful movie.

However, once you get over the fact that the dialogue is so bad it is funny, and that you can count the cast’s range of facial expressions on one hand, and suddenly this action and explosion-packed movie somehow begins to make sense.

Needless to say, the movie bombed horribly at the box office, but perhaps now is the time to revive this Uwe Boll masterpiece/horror show.

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