One Way To Denmark: Review

One Way To Denmark: Review

Herb (Rafe Spall) is sick of his life. He’s unemployed with no prospects, lives in a dingy flat in Wales with noisy neighbours and even his own mother thinks that he’s wasted his life. Then one day after thinking all hope is lost, as if by magic the TV turns on and he sees a show talking about Denmark, one of the most idyllic places in the world and more importantly how well they treat their prisoners.

All people who get arrested in Denmark are housed in proper accommodation, fed well with proper heating and are made to feel like they have a purpose in life. Herb realises that there’s only one thing for it, he has to go to Denmark and get himself arrested.

Herb starts off as a pretty unlikeable character. He hates his life, sees no future and no other way he could make anything out of his life so from the very start the audience may not warm to him so easily. However, as the film goes on and thanks to Spall’s performance, Herb becomes a character who the audience may start to like as the script slowly reveals aspects of his life that he’s taken for granted.

When Herb does indeed make it to Denmark, he’s also shown as a character of conscience as he finds it hard to go through with his devised plan. That’s when the film turns and for the most part, One Way to Denmark becomes a feel-good, easy going film that just stops shy of being an advert funded by the Danish tourist board.

It may be obvious where the film may be going, but often it’s the journey that’s important and not the destination and so One Way to Denmark will make even the most hardened people smile at how nice everything turns out to be.

One Way to Denmark taps into a premise which has the potential for prime comedy gold, However despite a good cast it doesn’t quite reach the dizzy heights of laugh out loud comedy, instead opting for a gentler feeling and a pleasant smile.

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