Impetigore: Review


Maya (Tara Basro) and Dini (Marissa Anita) are best friends who work at toll booths. It’s a boring job, but one night after a mysterious and creepy man gets out of his car and attacks Maya, they realise that they need a change in their lives and need to get away.

Maya finds out that she’s inherited a house from a relative on the island of Java, and although unsure as to what they will find there, Maya and Dini set out to find out exactly what Maya has been given. However, when they get there, the two women soon find out that they may not be all that welcome and that there is a curse on the town and when the best friends get separated, Maya starts to realise the extent of her inheritance.

Impetigore is an Indonesian horror movie written and directed by Joko Anwar, famous for directing and writing Indonesian’s biggest horror hit, Satan’s Slaves, and is coming to Shudder exclusively.

The movie starts off in quite a light hearted way, the relationship between the two women is quite funny and warm and you can tell how close they are from the start and that keeps going for the rest of the movie. However, even before the title card appears the audience will be aware that this is a movie that will play with their expectations and keep them on edge for the duration.

Basro and Anita play very well off each other and are a believable pair with a close relationship and that closeness feels real, especially when they’re making fun of each other and each of the characters that they meet only add to the creeping horror which is ramped up just when they least expect it.

For fans of slow burn horror movies that create an eerie atmosphere and delivers a story that’s steeped in lore that will make them wonder if there may be some truth behind the fiction, Imeptigore gives them exactly what they need.

Impetigore will give audiences a suspenseful, blood by the bucket load kind of horror that will scare, repulse and unsettle its audience right until the final frightening frame.

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