How To Become A Film Student

How To Become A Film Student

How To Become A Film Student – If you are completely and finally decided on entering the film industry as your main sector of work – that is great. Now more than ever, the industry requires young minds with innovative ideas to influence and contribute to the social public discourse in a meaningful way. Still, there is something that stands in between you in your current state and you, a film making professional, and that something is film school.

First and foremost, before you can professionally dive into film making, you will have to undergo education in a film school. Seeing as how the acceptance rate in all schools is not 100%, you have to prepare yourself for the admission process in order to secure yourself a future in the film industry.

Additionally, successfully passing the admission process will fill you with determination and lift your spirits, giving you a big boost that will help you get through the initial phases of studying. But, how would anyone prepare for the film school admissions? We have singled some essential pieces of advice for anyone wanting to go to film school.

Demonstrate Your Personality and Vision Clearly and Comprehensively

If your artistic imagination is extremely developed, it is wonderful, but it is not enough to just have outstanding imagination. You must also be able to express your ideas clearly and concisely. Making films has a lot to do with creating narratives and compelling stories. 

If you cannot properly deliver your thoughts in an understandable way to other people, then how can you build up a complex yet engaging story, even on paper? Study up on public speaking and improve your verbal communication  

Show That You Are Prepared and Ready to Learn

Many young and aspiring filmmakers make the mistake of going all-in on this field. They forget about all other subjects and give up studying them, thinking, “Why do I need to write my paper on Chemistry if I am going to be a filmmaker?”. Such a way of thinking could not be more misguided.

Think of the issue like this – as a filmmaker, you will be showing life and its expressions through the visual medium, and the film theory is only the craft of filmmaking. You cannot really build a film idea solely on filming techniques. Of course, you need to be knowledgeable in a lot of topics and not just film theory.

A lot of movies can be described as a commentary on parts of life: politics, society, love, death, etc. So, try to become a well-rounded person that knows a lot about life. This will be partially displayed through your school grades, as the admissions team will look at them to determine how much effort you put into studying, how open you are to it, and how easily can you learn new ideas and concepts.

Let Your Uniqueness Shine Through

In addition to learning about the outside world, to improve your chance of successfully passing the admission stage, you must cultivate your uniqueness and personality. Film making is very much a creative endeavor, and you will have to work on your creativity if you want to have any success in the field. 

Luckily, creativity can be easily developed: there are tons of creativity-focused exercises you can do. Why do you need creativity during the admissions? Your personality is really what will set you apart from other candidates, so be sure to highlight your unique experiences and ideas.

Prove That You Really Are Passionate about Film Making

Do you know what the best way to show that you are passionate about an activity? The answer is pretty obvious – you start self-learning and doing the activity. If you gather your friends and create a small crew and cast for some short narrative videos, then the admission team will see that you are ready to dive into the film making even before you had any actual training. Also, if your shorts are any good, then you just guarantee yourself an entry into the film school.

Furthermore, the only feasible way to get better at film making is simply to go out and try to shoot some shorts. There is no way around it – the more you practice, the better storyteller, scene composer, a director you will become.  Just be sure to pour your heart into your creative works because the admissions team can easily discern the honest and fake attempts at film making.

Do Not Forget to Relax

In the end, try not to stress too much about getting into film college. You are not expected to be a film making expert before you enter the school, so remember to kick back and do the thing you like the most – watch some films.

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