Alive: Review


A man (Thomas Cocquerel) wakes up in serious pain with no memory of how he got there after only what he can presume to be an accident. After realising something is wrong, he attempts to make his escape and out of what he assumes must be a hospital.

That’s where he meets his caretaker, (Angus Macfayden), a jovial man with a dark streak of menace who only wants to look after his patients. The male patient also meets a female patient (Camille Stopps) who has seemingly been there for longer than him and has a wary respect for their caretaker and knows exactly what he’s capable of doing, nonetheless the male patient wants to do his very best to escape.

Alive is a grim horror movie along the lines of the Saw franchise, with a similar setting that gives its audience very little to go on as the script drip feeds them what they need to know only as and when they need to know it. Isolated in what could only be an abandoned hospital, Alive has its cast claustrophobically close for the majority of the movie and Macfayden plays his sinister doctor to the point where being in his presence must have been very unnerving.

Cocquerel and Stopps also play their parts well, the unwilling victims who know nothing about themselves or each other have a good chemistry and the audience may want to root for their escape as the good doctor’s cruel treatments get more and more barbaric.

Mostly played as a generic horror movie, Alive does manage to turn some of the horror tropes on their heads and there are a couple of twists along the way. Although admittedly these twists do come with a certain suspension of disbelief.

However, by the time the movie ends the audience will have to decide for themselves whether the twists were worth all the drama, whether they made any sense or whether the movie’s twists were as well thought out as they appear.

A movie that will definitely please horror fans and one that will make you think about the ending long after it has finished.

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