The Fox And The Rabbit: Review

The Fox And The Rabbit: Review

By Eleanor Klein. The Fox and The Rabbit is a short film directed by Garry Crystal about a father, his son Francis, and their issues involving their family-owned 100-year-old Saville Row store.

Stemming with issues from his childhood, Francis (played by Oliver Henry) spirals into a pattern of deliberate self-destructive, and vengeful behavior whilst running his father’s Saville Row Suit store. Francis’ opportunity to behave in this way is enabled by his father being paralyzed in a care home and unable to move or speak.

As Francis briefs his father daily on his failings with customers in the store, the story unravels to reveal his behavior is getting more destructive and more polarizing each day.

As a viewer of the short film, it is clear that as the story progresses, the destructive behavior of Francis is an explosion of feelings that have amounted since childhood. He manages to successfully grip the audience’s attention by feeding into his emotions from the lack of love shown by his father from an early age to the loss of his mother when he was a teenager.

This short film is an audience gripping film filled with curiosity and suspense. Oliver Henry’s performance is excellent in this role as he plays the son, Francis. His personality in the film is consistently cold, hate-filled and bitter as he vengefully acts out against his father’s wishes.

As his father appears more anguished and devastated with each daily visit by his son, Francis’ behavior appears to continue to purposefully spiral downwards leading to the complete alienation of previously loyal customers.

Overall, The Fox and The Rabbit is a must-watch for anyone who is a fan of suspense-filled short films.

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