Meet Gilda Joelle Osborn

Meet Gilda Joelle Osborn

Meet Gilda Joelle Osborn Who Stars in Tyler Farr’s Latest Music Video

Gilda Joelle Osborn burst into the country music scene this summer as the gorgeous blonde love interest of Tyler Farr in his hugely popular ‘Only Truck In Town‘ music video.

As a model, she has starred in major campaigns for companies including Lilly Pulitzer and Moosejaw. However, this is Gilda’s first major feature in a Country music video, that has helped propel her to a new level of notability in the modeling world. Today we find out more about her experience on set. 

When did you find out you were going to be in Tyler Farr’s New Video? 

I actually found out that I confirmed the job the night before the shoot! A few days prior, I was told that the label was trying to decide between another girl and me, so I had a a little bit of a head’s up that I might be in the video.

What was the atmosphere like on set? What was your greatest memory from it?

Given the current situation with COVID-19, things were a bit different than normal onset. Everyone followed the recommended precautions of course. I came to set hair and makeup ready, and I also provided my own clothes for the shoot. I love shooting video, so I had a blast running around a beautiful farm and riding in the back of an awesome, old Ford truck. I totally lived my country girl music video dream that day!

How was your experience meeting and working with Tyler Farr? 

Tyler was so nice and down to earth. I remember listening to his music years ago, so it was awesome getting to meet him! Of course, I now have a new favorite song of his, but I always loved his song “Redneck Crazy.”

What has the reaction to the video been like so far for you? 

I knew the music video was premiering on CMT Hot 20 Countdown on June 6, so I was glued to the TV that morning! I grew up watching music video countdowns, so it was surreal seeing myself in the video. I have received so much support and love from my friends and family. The video already has over 16k views on YouTube!

What advice would you give to an aspiring model? 

Make all the connections that you can, be kind, be smart, and tell people about your goals and dreams. You never know – you could come into contact with someone who has a connection to someone in the modeling world.

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