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Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is a video game series which is full of action and adventures. GTA’s Casinos has arrived in Los Santos. Grand Theft Auto V’s latest update, The Diamond Casino & Resort, allows players use real money to play its game.

The casinos chips can be purchased within game currency. The new version of game has  new shopping opportunities, first class entertainment and table games.

This version of game was launched in July 2019 and you can start playing now on PC. You can find casino on the map with an icon.

Features of Diamond Casino:

  • The GTA Diamond Casino has plenty of casino games available. You can play Roulette, Black Jack , Three Card Poker, Slot Machines.
  • You can also choose free spins to win prizes that display each week.
  • Diamond Status is reserved for players who complete all casino related missions.
  • There are different status available for player as per there level in the game such as Standard Membership, Silver Status, Gold Status, Platinum Status and Diamond Status.
  • Penthouses are the heart of the casino which have facilities such as spa rooms, spare bedrooms and private bars.
  • GTA provides an option to design one’s own penthouse and one can pay only for what he needs.

Reason for GTA Casinos Popularity

  • The casino is one of the interesting environments in all of GTA, forcing players into non-     violent  interactions.
  • North America and Europe were the most affected with GTA Casino popularity.
  • It became popular because of the new updates adds such as penthouse, rooftop parties, new vehicles, new machines and new online stores.
  • There are plenty of illegal things one can do when playing GTA in addition to stealing cars which is legal in this fictional city and thus attracts players.
  • The virtual currency which is used in game can be purchased with real money.
  • The GTA Casino was created with intention of catering to those who seek thrill without exiting their favorite game.
  • It is a mobile slot game but its experience is same as brick and mortar operators.
  • The casino makes it a mini game which makes GTA experience more enjoyable.
  • The release of Diamond Casino and Resort update saw profits increased by fifty percent.
  • The casinos based on the storyline proved extraordinarily popular.
  • Within the GTA online casino, you can trade your hard earned GTA dollars into casino chips and then use them to gamble on slot machines, poker and roulette.

Controversy related to GTA Casinos

  • In many countries, lawmakers are ready to take drastic action against this game and ban it altogether.
  • Many countries are asking the developers to restrict the access to their citizens to game offered by casino.
  • Despite its popularity due to casino features , there are lot of people who are very upset due to how the game handles the gambling.
  • As with all gambling, you are risking your money in this too. Your bet on games and pay outs are more or largely based on luck than anything else.
  • This mission received criticism from politicians and anti-torture charity groups.
  • The game was subject to receive backlash due to its misogynist approach and bad portrayal of women.
  • There were sequence of negative comments against the violent content and depiction of the same.
  • There were many legal actions against the game by the celebrities for consent, publicity purposes and many more. Many celebrities filed suit against the developer.
  • The much awaited GTA casino update was unleashed back to back and became the epitome of controversy with GTA casino.

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