5 Of The Weirdest Things You Can Stream During Self-Isolation

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The Weirdest Things You Can Stream During Self-Isolation: As the world rapidly approaches 1 million active cases of the coronavirus, just under half of the world’s population is currently living under some form of restriction. With over 2 billion people under government-ordered stay-at-home orders, the majority of you are relying on streaming services to keep you entertained.

While there’s no doubting this is a great time to catch up on those epic drama movies or intense thriller boxsets, watching the same types of programs over and over again can soon wear thin.

So why not break up the monotony by watching some of the weirdest, strangest movies and TV shows the streaming world has to offer? Trust us when we say that these pictures have to be seen to be believed.

Here are five of the weirdest things you can stream during your period of coronavirus self-isolation.

1. The Room

Widely seen by many as the worst movie of all time, this 2003 release was so bad that it has developed a cult following. Littered with dead-end subplots (such as one character revealing that she has breast cancer, only for it never to be mentioned again), continuity errors, and bizarre green-screened rooftop scenes, the movie is supposed to tell a story of a banker who is betrayed by his friends.

The film was the brainchild of Tommy Wiseau, who wrote, produced, directed, funded, and starred in the movie. One of the other stars, Greg Sestero, chronicled his experiences during the making of this movie in his memoir The Disaster Artist, which was later made into a golden globe-winning movie by James Franco in 2017.

The TV-14/DSLV version is available to stream on YouTube.

2. Rubber

If you find The Room’s nonsensical, weirdest scene structure and dialogue unbearable, then how about dipping in a movie that’s more solidly put together. The catch? It’s possibly the strangest premise for a movie ever.

It’s not for us to say too much as to ruin the story, but in basic terms, the movie follows a homicidal tire (yes, tire), which has destructive psionic powers. It’s set in a quiet desert town, upon which it wreaks havoc during its relentless chase of a mysterious woman. Intrigued? You should be! Once you wrap your head around the insane plot, this is an enjoyable horror/comedy movie and has a solid 69% score on rotten tomatoes.

It’s available to stream now on Amazon Prime Video.  

3. Robo Vampire 3: Counter Destroy

Don’t be fooled by the cover or the title; this movie has absolutely nothing to do with RoboCop, even though a version of him appears in all of the marketing materials for this movie. So, what is it? Well, this movie is actually an Asian martial arts film. The plot revolves around a screenwriter named Joyce, who seems to attract trouble wherever she goes. When she escapes to an isolated island with her secretary, she soon finds herself under attack from an army of mysterious vampire zombies.

Not interested yet? Just wait until you see the dubbing in this film. Somehow the word horrendous doesn’t quite do it justice, with motionless faces often having full-blown conversations. This is a movie that falls into the category of being so bad that it’s hilarious, and therefore well worth watching.

You can do so on YouTube here.

4. Elephants Dream 

From the hilariously awful to the downright trippy, Elephants Dream is a strange copyright-free Dutch animation that was meant as nothing more than a test for Netflix’s internal systems. It’s a short film that tracks the protagonists Proog and Emo, who find themselves in some kind of infinite machine. Proog acts as a tour guide for Emo, until they both start to slowly realize that the device may have a more sinister purpose.

If you need to sort out your speeds for your Netflix session, Broadband Genie’s helpful how-to guide is the place to start.

This extremely strange animated short is not easily found within Netflix, so it may be the case that you need to access it via logging into your Netflix account using the link below. Be prepared to be creeped out!

Watch on Netflix here.      

5. Example Show 

It doesn’t get any more left-field than this short “TV show.” The Example Show for Netflix was 11 minutes of test footage for Netflix’s “instant watch” feature. It predominantly shows a montage of moving backgrounds, with a particular focus on running water (no, we don’t know why either). Things then suddenly get interesting when a random man starts to dash around the Netflix campus inexplicably.

He proceeds to moonwalk (laptop in hand) and play with various pieces of sports equipment, before descending into a Shakespearian rant. The episode wraps up with more dynamic backgrounds and a series of test screens before fading to black. Despite the total and utter randomness of this TV episode, it’s hard to stop watching. Unfortunately, Netflix removed this one, after it developed yet another cult following. Thankfully, it’s been gracefully preserved on YouTube.    

Watch Example Show on YouTube here.   

Image via Dreamstime.com
Image via Dreamstime.com

This new world we find ourselves in can feel quite scary, so it’s healthy to have a little bit of fun by streaming some of the weirdest and most bizarre movies and TV shows you can find. It will undoubtedly provide at least a temporary distraction from the chaos going on in the outside world.

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