Tingle Monsters: Final Girls Berlin Review

Tingle Monsters

There’s something inherently creepy about somebody whispering in your ear, especially when you don’t know who’s whispering. The thought of somebody being up close to you and quietly whispering something in your ear can send a shiver down your spine and that’s why so many people feel freaked out by it, but some people find it has a calm and soothing effect if it’s done in the right environment.

Recently, the craze of ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) hit the internet and soon many streamers and YouTube channels picked up on its popularity and began to benefit from having hundreds, maybe even thousands of people listening to them creating that ASMR feeling that helps them forget about their problems and relax – this is where Tingle Monsters begins.

Dee (Alexandra Serio) is an ASMR streamer, she regularly goes online and talks in a calm, hushed tone that her viewers find pleasing, helping them to wash their stresses away. However, this is still the internet and whereas most people are happy to watch and love everything she does, there are still a few that like to disrupt the peace and mindfulness of Dee’s channel.

Told only through Dee’s webcam, all the viewer can see is what everybody else can see when they log on to a video streaming channel, one person with a microphone talks to their fans. Along with that there is the constant stream of dialogue alongside the stream where her fans, well-wishers and trolls like to make themselves heard.

The dialogue for this chat section is very realistic, just like anybody may encounter online, so the audience are fully immersed in the scenario, maybe even more so if they are wearing headphones while watching. Then one of the chatters says something bad, the rest of the chat turn against him and he gets banned for obvious reasons and this is where Tingle Monster’s story changes.

I can’t really go into too much detail of what happens next, and perhaps some people would have a good idea where this is going, but for the rest, the film manages to build tension and surprise its audience right up until the final moments. Considering the nature of the internet and how anybody can seemingly do or say anything with little consequences, the results of Tingle Monsters is also left up to the audience to decide the validity of what they just saw.

However, in such a short space of time those familiar with online streamers such as this will find a very familiar space with a story that’s tightly told and still manages to entertain.

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