The Three Most Underrated Movies Based On A True Story

munich The Three Most Underrated Movies Based On A True Story

The Three Most Underrated Movies Based on a True Story

Real-life is often the source of inspiring stories that even the wildest imagination couldn’t bring to life. That’s why some of the best movies in cinema history are based on a true story. Many of them receive accolades and universal love but some don’t get the credit they deserve.

This post is dedicated to three exceptional films, based on true stories, that are vastly underrated one way or another.

Munich (2005)

Let’s start with one of the Steven Spielberg movies that went under the radar, at least for the legendary director’s standards. It’s based on the book “Vengeance” that covers the real-life operation “Wrath of God”.

It’s a Mossad project designed to bring revenge for the Munich Massacre of 1972, a Palestinian terrorist attack that took the lives of eleven members of the Israeli Olympic team and a German police officer.

The story is fascinating and the performances of Erik Bana, Daniel Craig and the rest of the cast are spot on. It’s one of Spielberg’s best movies and it certainly received an exceptionally critical reception.

“Munich” was nominated for five Academy Awards and two Golden Globes. The reason it finds a place on this list is the lack of box office success and the controversy surrounding the project. Some reviewers thought that Spielberg went a step too far in comparing the terrorists’ actions with the retaliation by the Israeli secret service.

Whether you agree on that or not, “Munich” is certainly worth your time.

High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story (2003)

Nowadays, you will find most gamblers in online casinos and poker rooms but that wasn’t the case in the 20th century. The best poker players of the time used to inhabit the dark rooms of Las Vegas and had a wild lifestyle that included a lot of booze, drugs, and risky behavior.

No one represents the spirit of the time better than the legendary Stu Ungar. Many believe that he was the most talented player in the history of poker.

As of now, Ungar remains the only one to win the World Series of Poker Main Event three times. Such an achievement will likely remain unmatched forever but Kid Poker’s life has many other sides worth exploring.

“High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story” is probably not the best that could’ve been done with such rich source material but it is still good enough to deserve a watch.

Changeling (2008)

The background and fate of “Changeling” are similar to what happened to “Munich”. This is another movie by a famous director that received positive critical reviews but faded with the years.

Clint Eastwood is the genius behind this one and the fact that the vast majority seems to have forgotten “Changeling” is criminal. This is one of the toughest movies to watch because of the immense tension and emotional charge.

The dark story is perfectly presented by Eastwood’s simple approach and the masterful performance of Angelina Jolie, one of the best of her career.

The themes you will find in “Changeling” revolve around corruption, child abduction, and abuse of power among others. It’s the kind of film that will shake you to your core and you probably won’t be able to watch it more than once.

And yet, it’s one of the best movies based on a true story you could ever experience.

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