Top 5 Movies To Spend Students Holidays

Top 5 Movies to Spend Students Holidays. By Emma Rundle.

The holidays are nearly upon us and there are bound to be a couple of days where you might feel like a movie binge. You just can’t beat a good flick and during the upcoming holidays, you’ll have more than enough to choose from. 

Whether you decide to go to the cinemas or rent one to stream, you have never had as much variety as there is today. If a Christmas movie is not really your thing, then you don’t have to fret. Here we are going to list 5 of the top movies that you cannot miss during the students holidays. 

The Other Guys

If ever there was a power combo capable of delivering some of the funniest movies, it is Mark Wahlberg and Will Farrell. It’s a laugh a minute with these two as they play the typical second-string detectives. 

Relegated to mundane assignments, they uncover an ever-deepening plot that started out as a scaffolding permit violation. You should definitely enroll the services of a professional essay writer to free up some of your time. Let the professional writers take care of the essays and other writing work for you.  

You can sit back and enjoy one of the most hilarious partnerships that Hollywood has ever conjured up. With Wahlberg’s hot temper and ready-to-go attitude, mixed with Farrell’s timid and reserved nature, you will be glued to your screen. 

The Irishman

No one does gangster like De Niro and Scorsese. The Irishman is one of the most incredible movies for students to get stuck in during the holidays. You have to ensure that you have ample time available, is this gangster buster clocks in at 206 minutes. 

Whether you’re an Australian, American, Englishman or European, you will be mesmerized by this movie adaptation of the book I heard you paint houses. Scorsese outdid himself as he used revolutionary de-aging CGI to tell the story of the criminal life of Frank Sheeran. 

It explores how regret, treachery and immorality impacts the soul of a man and epically depicts American corruption and dishonesty in the underworld. You won’t be bored for a single minute during this classic in the making. 

Uncut Gems

We all know Adam Sandler to be the funny man. Some would argue that his earlier work had been his best, but in Uncut Gems, we see a completely different Sandler in probably one of his best roles to date. Sandler plays the role of a sleazy Manhattan Diamond District dealer, Harold Ratner. 

Ratner is one of those guys who is fueled by his addiction of risking it all. The man is in trouble due to his mounting debts to his brother-in-law. A rare opal finds its way into his greasy paws and he sees a way out. 

An auction to the highest bidder seems like a show-in for the ever-searching Ratner, but his plans are marred by a couple of twists. This is one of the best college movies for this festive season. 

Forrest Gump

Image 2 -

Getting into the classics, Forrest Gump is one of the best movies of all time. The movie depicts the life of a naïve, but good-hearted Gump who finds himself in some of the most iconic settings of recent history. From meeting president Kennedy, to fighting in the Vietnam War. It is a tale of love, friendship and an undying belief in the good of humanity. 

You will be glued to your seat for this blockbuster as you witness the life of Gump, from his birth in 1944 to 1982, where he marries his life-long sweetheart. Pop yourself a bag of popcorn and enjoy one of the classics. 

Home Alone

Home alone is probably one of the best Christmas movies ever made. Macaulay Culkin stars as Kevin McCallister and the movie is set around Christmas time. Kevin is mistakenly left alone at home while his parents fly off to Paris for their Christmas vacation, but he is not entirely alone. 

Soon after his parents depart, two would-be burglars set their sights on the McCallister home. When Kevin realizes that his house is in danger and about to be robbed, he takes action and sets out on a mission to stop the intruders. 

He sets outrageous traps and foils the plans of the crooks around every corner, using only his toys and what is available in the house. He definitely did not have an iPad to keep himself busy with. Almost the entire movie plays out in his house and makes for some of the best holiday viewing of all time. 


As you take time off from your studies during the students holidays, kick our feet up and enjoy some of the most memorable movies of all time, or go to the cinemas and experience the big screen for a change. 

Whatever your cup of tea, you will have no shortage of movies to watch over the Christmas holidays. It doesn’t matter if you are into tear-jerkers or action-packed adrenaline, you are set for some excellent viewing. So, grab a blanket, put together your favorite holiday snacks and veg on the couch, or indulge in overpriced soda and popcorn. 

Author Bio:

Emma Rundle is a university teacher and a part-time competitive exam coach working to help students secure an admission in an institute of their choice. She has been a university topper and completed her MBA from a top college, which makes her familiar with the best rules on cracking exams and writing great college essays. 

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