Professional TV Reviewers Become Psychologically Dependent

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Professional TV reviewers become psychologically dependent on watching TV shows

Being a professional TV reviewer or a TV review writer seems like a cool job. All you need to do is watch TV shows and write what you think about them. However, it is easy to become psychologically dependent on binge-watching TV as well. What is more, some of those TV writers become the subject of studies within the field of self deprecation psychology as they often blame themselves for becoming too addicted to TV shows.

The task of writing a psychology essay on this topic is a common assignment as well. If you are currently dealing with psychology essay writing or simply want to find out more about this issue, keep reading to learn more. 

One of the most common signs of TV addiction is the fact that a person does not have time for any other activity in their life. The situation gets particularly dire when a person starts skipping work or school in order to watch another episode. If you are currently working on a psychology research paper dealing with this issue, don’t forget to provide enough evidence to support your findings. One of the most effective ways to deal with a TV addiction suggested by positive psychology experts is to get out of the house and to find different activities outside. If you take a look at any psychology thesis written on this topic, you will see that developing new habits and sticking to them is the best strategy when it comes to battling a TV addiction. 

No matter how hard TV review writers try to separate work from their personal life, it is quite difficult not to watch at least one episode of a TV show in their free time. Another interesting fact you can mention in your psychology essay is that sometimes TV reviewers fool themselves by thinking that they are only watching this TV series to form a professional opinion. However, watching TV shows quickly becomes addictive even though it is not the worst of all possible addictions a person can develop.

If you are writing a psychology research paper dealing with TV addiction, you should pay special attention to the possible consequences such way of life may have on a person. The thing is that watching TV all day long presupposes that a person will not move much. Thus, they won’t get enough exercise to function properly which will most likely result in having health problems. Poor eyesight and shorter lifespan are among the major risks as well. 

The most significant aspect to mention in your psychology essay on the topic in question is the importance of having boundaries between work and personal life. While it is impossible for a professional TV reviewer to stop watching TV shows as it is their job (and their livelihood depends on it), it is still possible to limit the amount of TV series one has to watch in order to write great reviews. Another aspect worth mentioning in a psychology paper is the necessity to spend as little time as possible in front of a TV.

A professional TV review writer should choose such activities as going out with friends, reading a book or going to an art museum instead of staying at home and watching a movie. If you are currently writing a psychology essay, you will most definitely specify the fact that breaking the habit is very difficult, especially for someone whose job is to watch TV shows on a daily basis and to review them. Yet, it is totally doable as soon as one realizes why it is so important. 

Taking everything into consideration, professional TV reviewers become dependent on watching TV because of two things: it is a job that can easily become a hobby; their livelihood depends on it. What matters the most in this respect is to find the so-called golden middle to be able to keep one’s job and not become addicted to watching TV all day long. Achieving that may be hard as some TV shows are so addictive it is almost impossible to stop. Yet, one needs to take breaks to be able to write impressive and objective reviews that are based not only on emotions, but also on facts and analysis. 

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