The Fare: Review

The Fare: Review

Harris (Gino Anthony Pesi) is a cab driver and one day while he is mindlessly scanning through radio stations to keep himself entertained, he is told by his despatcher to pick up what he thinks will be just another fare. Harris arrives at his destination and into his cab steps a beautiful woman named Penny (Brinna Kelly).

During the course of their short time in the cab together Harris and Penny get to know each other, however just as the conversation really gets going, Penny vanishes leaving Harris bewildered and confused. So, without anything else left to do Harris restarts the clock, but soon Harris realises that he’s stuck in a time loop where every destination starts and ends with Penny.

From that moment onwards, Harris and The Fare’s audience are taken on a ride of twists, revelations and what turns out to be a compelling story with a great cast and an engaging romance at its centre.

Pesi and Kelly both prove to have a great on-screen chemistry and as the story unfolds, the script makes it feel as if the couple really are meeting for the first time, hitting it off and falling in love. The characterisations feel real, well thought out and the conversations between Harris and Penny feel natural, perhaps reminding the audience of a time where they had a really good first date.

Also, personally speaking, the conversations where Penny and Harris are talking about their situation get deeply, deeply nerdy and I loved every second of it, making the couple more fleshed out and showing that there may be much more to a person than first impressions allow.

The Fare is a beautifully shot romantic time travel drama that plays out as what the audience may think is a typical sci-fi time travel drama, but it has enough surprises to make the audience realise that they are getting a lot more than they expected.

As the final act kicks in, the way the story plays out may get a little too romantic for some tastes, but for old romantics who haven’t quite lost all hope it’s a wonderful, slightly strange and thoughtful romantic drama that will stay with you long after the credits have rolled.

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