After The Wedding: The BRWC Review

After The Wedding: Review

After The Wedding is an ambitious script that tried to tie lots of themes together but it didn’t know which theme or type of film it wanted to be. Strong acting throughout but didn’t really achieve the emotional fireworks it was so clearly after.

After The Wedding tells the story of Isabel (Michelle Williams) who runs an orphanage in India which is desperate need of funding to help the underprivileged children. She travels to New York to meet wealthy benefactor, Theresa (Julianne Moore) who tells her she will make a decision after her Grace’s, her daughter, wedding.

However, everything is not as it seems because Isabel, Theresa and Theresa’s husband Oscar Carlson know each other much better than it first appears.

The issue with any remake is that it needs to be fresh and saying something different than the original otherwise there is no point. After The Wedding is a remake of the original Danish film. Writer and Director Bart Freundlich decided to make the central male character a female character as played by Michelle Williams.

It could have been a really interesting film about women choosing the lives they want unapologetically and living for themselves. However, Freundlich lost his nerve and what we instead get is a film that doesn’t know which story it wants to tell and so fails to deliver the emotional gut punch it is so desperately after and lacks all the nuance of the original and in many respects far superior film by Susanne Bier of the same name.

The acting is strong but the film, if the device of the Indian orphanage is removed, might as well as been a nondescript love triangle film set in upper middle class New York society.

After The Wedding is released in cinemas across the UK on Friday 1 November.

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